Hello everybody!

Sadly, I'm rarely on Fictionpress these days, but I popped on today and realized that it's been four years since I began writing The Lady in Black. Four years! Instead of typing in my dorm room I was typing chapters in high school study hall. Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

My other stories (except for Soliqua and the Dark Heart) have been taken down, but I kept this one up mostly out of sentiment. This story was and is close to my heart and writing it was a wonderful adventure. Someday soon I'd like to rewrite it and hopefully some of you will come back and reread the better version.

Anyway… the point of this was just that I wanted to thank all of you who have read The Lady in Black, either when it was a work in progress or now that it's complete. Thank you all for you reviews, your encouragement, and most of all just for letting me share my story with you. I still can't believe that I finished it, and I hope that you all enjoyed it.

Thank you all so much,