A crowd of beautiful faces stare up at the stage
More beautiful than anything I have seen before
The announcer stands up, and for a moment life is ever so placid
"Life is like..." one announces to her loved ones just before another
And I cant seem to explain this feeling of content among so many
The formally dressed body off memories for us to gaze upon
This one day, hour, second has brought en so much and taken as so
For now and only now hatred towards others has disappeared

A brightly dressed man takes the stage with much to say
"You have hit a turning point in your lives"
The only thing he can manage to get out for now
An image of teary eyed bliss sweeps over the room
Cameras flashing although they seem to be catching nothing but light

And I watch the crowd of friends, lovers, enemies
Afraid to join something so beautiful for fear of ruining it
"Goodbye for now my loved ones"
Cheers of hope, sadness, and forgiveness fill the air
And if only for now harmony is the main emotion