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Demetri ran his fingers through his hair, sighing heavily. His face burned angrily, and the fresh cuts on his sides pulsed sorely. He gasped to regain his breath, Conrad standing condescendingly above him.

"You fucked up, Demetri," Conrad growled. Demetri kept his eyes at the ground, touching the warm blood gushing from his side. He didn't worry, it would heal soon.

Conrad snarled, and grabbed a dark red lock of hair on Demetri's pale head, and jerked it back, forcing Demetri to look in his eyes.

"Did you hear me?" For emphasis he extended his canines and cuspids. Demetri nodded, and shoved him off.

"Leave me the hell alone." Demetri had just morphed, he was in no mood to be pushed around. Lycanthropes, so fun. Conrad shook his head.

"My little faggot brother, so sweet and innocent. You're a failure." Conrad turned around, and stomped off, leaving his little brother soaking in his own blood, and the snow.


Beautiful, beautiful, cat like, emaciated, black hair, gray eyes, beauty, fucking gorgeous, Julian Ketz. Vampire Extraordinaire. Standing on top of a building. Looking down non everyone.

Seventy-four stories above the "stupid mortals", but he could see them perfectly. His eyes trained on a young girl, no more than sixteen, pregnant, very pregnant. A nineteen year old boy, orphan, parents died in a car accident.

Fuck the good in peoples souls, Julian thought nastily. He could have any woman he ever wanted, and he ran with that crowd for a while, but girls weren't really his forte. Yep, Julian was a boys-boy. Gay, for those who don't understand.

He disappointed the masses of female vampires, all looking to get a chance with him, but always being turned down.

After taking a suck on a cancer stick, he blew out the smoke, looking out of his shining gray eyes, through the curtain of wild black hair that covered them.

Tall, at six foot four, he towered over everyone. A snide little chuckle alerted him, unsuccessfully late, to some one's presence. He turned around to face Quinn. Quinn was a slim, dark eyed girl, with long, ragged blond hair that reached her middle back. She was a mortal, but Julian tolerated her because she had the second sight.

Black eyeliner rimmed her amazing eyes. One blue, one gray.

"Well, if it isn't prince charming." Quinn walked to him, watching her feet, which were incased in a thick pair of Demonia platform boots. Julian hopped down from the marble perch of the railing, and closed the space between himself, and the girl.

"Yes, and I'm thrilled to be talking to Miss Sunshine." He lit up another cigarette. Quinn frowned.

"You know those thing make your teeth dingy." Julian gasped, and dropped the cigarette.

"Not my pearly whites! Not my fangs!" He sounded like a fearie. Quinn picked up the cigarette, and took a drag on it. Julian tutted, and with an obviously self manicured hand, he grabbed it from her lips, leaving her pouting.

Quinn watched him walk to an air-conditioning unit, and sit down on it, crosses one of his insanely long legs. After toughly observing the painted black nails that graced his long, pale fingers, he looked up to Quinn, inquiring her. She knew the look, and started.

"So, why aren't you in the gay bar?" He cringed, hating her referring to it that way, but listened to her continue. "Those boys that are way to sexy to make out with other boys are getting annoyed with your lack of being there." Julian rolled his eyes. They always wanted him down there, why couldn't he just have the night off.

"Because, you're a pretty boy, and other gay pretty boys, like pretty boys," Quinn mused, reading his mind. Julian frowned at her, his broad shoulders slumping.

"Party pooper." Quinn smiled cheerfully.

"You know I am." She sat on the concrete roof, and laid back, stretching her fingers out as far as she could. "Hey, Julian?"

"Whaaat?" he whined, trying to concentrate on how cold his toes were.

"Do you think I'll ever find someone?" This question, as did a lot of the ones Quinn Kahn asked, perplexed him.

"'Dunno." He loved that simple answer, it fixed all of his ails. Quinn grumbled, and stood up. She looked very pretty in her red purple tube top, and black leather pants, that hung low on her hips, Julian noted. He always picked out the little details in girls.

"Well, I'm gonna go see if I can find Mr. One-Night-Stand down there, wish me luck!" And just like that, she was gone, only a flash of gold hair through a steel door.

Julian grunted as he stood up, decide ding to make another appearance in Kitty Neon's Bar. Yes, it was called Kitty Neon's.


Demetri was pissed, resorting to talking to Quinn at Kitty freaking Neon's. He hated that place, it was too freaking colorful. Why couldn't gay bars be just black and red? Demetri liked those colors, black and red. Blood and death, he would laugh.

He wasn't in any mood to laugh as he shoved his way through a surging crowd of ravers, all dancing to some generic techno song, or another.

He finally made it to the bar, were the delicate Quinn was perched on, talking to a group of men, who looked like they were celebrating Mardi Gras.

"Then he grabbed by ass, and was like 'Hey baby, wanna hook up later?' I bet you came imagine what I did next." Demetri chuckled at Quinn putting on a tough guy voice.

"You kick his nuts!" One man said, looking at her expectantly. Quinn shook her head.

"You bit him?" Another man, dressed in S&M gear, asked. Quinn shook her head again.

"Then what did you do!" The men were enthralled with her! It was amazing!

"I punched him in the face," Quinn drawled easily. One man, Demetri could see, cocked a brow under his domino mask.

"That's it?" Quinn sat up, looking shocked, Demetri watching all the while, in the space between the dancers, and the bar.

"Of course not! Duh. I took out my lighter, and burnt the side of his face!" Quinn made a point of it by flipping out her bic lighter, and lighting it up. Two of the men gasped, while the skeptical one laughed raucously.

"Good job, Quinn!" he snorted. Quinn nodded, and smiled. The Mardi Gras men waltzed away, talking about which lube the preferred, making Demetri shiver.

Yeah, he was gay, but he couldn't stand the idea of talking about that to other people.

"Oh, Quinn! Darling!" he gasped, and traipsed to the slight blond girl.

"Demetri, honey! You look like you got your ass kicked- Oh God, you're bleeding." Quinn hated him for fighting, but when it's natural for you to want blood, you can't exactly help it, so she always tried getting over herself. She was right, however, he'd gotten his ass kicked four hours earlier, and three hours earlier his brother, Conrad, called him a failure, a name he was used to.

Blood dripped on the floor from his side. He grit his teeth, and nodded. Quinn grabbed his hand, and started moving towards the elevator, when a dark, towering figure came between them.

"So, I see you've found Mr. One-Night-Stand?" Came the sour chuckle. Demetri's eyes caught the man's. They were a frightening steel gray. Quinn growled, and shoved him out of the way.

"No, now move it, Julian! He's hurt, and I need to help him!" Julian arched a brow, but got out of the way, but not before looking Demetri up and down.

Dark red hair, sapphire eyes, pale skin, build of an athlete, very sexy, in general. But this boy was probably straight, and dug Quinn. Julian sighed, and watched Quinn drag him to the elevator.

"It's a damn shame," Julian drawled into his newly lit cigarette. He was a cigarette fiend; lucky he was undead, or he'd probably have cancer.Fuckin' chain smoker. You should've died a long time ago. Julian pushed his own macabre thoughts from his head, and decided to toy with some of the innocent boys in the crowd, using his good looks, and unusually strong sexual appeal to his advantage.


Quinn finished wrapping the gauze around Demetri's waist, and stood back, to admire her work. She was a prideful little thing, but Demetri dare not think that in her presence.

"You'll be fine in a about a day. How that happen, any way?" Quinn washed her hands in the little sink in the corner of the bathroom. Demetri stood up, and waddled to the small, pristine white bed, and slumped onto it. He loved the feeling of goose down under his back.

"Going to answer me?" Demetri's eyes wandered to Quinn, who was standing in the doorjamb, arms akimbo. He shrugged.

"Lost a fight with another were-wolf."

"And this might be-?" Quinn prompted.

"Conrad." Quinn sighed exasperatedly, and slapped her forehead roughly.

"You're frikkan brother?" Demetri nodded.

"Who was that fox you got into a row with down there? Black hair, gray eyes?" Quinn shook her head, as if she knew this was coming.

"You don't want to get in his crowd. He's my asshole friend, Julian. Vampire." Quinn yanked off her tube top, revealing nothing but pale skin. She walked o a cramped closet, and pulled a lacey nightdress from it, and flung it over her naked torso. It went well down to her middle thigh.

She then danced out of her leather pants, and yanked a pair of short, white silks shorts on, and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Why do you want to know?" Demetri smiled devilishly.

"He got me hard." Quinn shrieked, and jumped up, gasping.

"You're nasty!"

"I think that's the girliest I've ever seen you, Quinn!" Demetri's eyes were wide. Quinn sneered, and turned around.

"I'll sleep on the couch, for tonight, but tomorrow, if you're dog butt is still here, I get the bed!"

Dog butt? Demetri smiled at his thoughts.

"YES, DOG BUTT!" She slammed the door closed, and turned off the light.

"Oookay." Demetri laid on his back, and stared at the ceiling.