Author's note: Chapter 2 dedicated to Katie, and Mr. Honk. Hehe, Katie knows what it means ;D

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He approached the frantic looking boy, dressed in baggy red plaid pants, chains hanging all off of them, a mesh shirt, and ratty hair.

He knew the boy was a newly turned vampire, just by his aura. He'd been changed by someone with weak blood, someone with tainted blood, but he was gorgeous to look at. Chocolate brown eyes, mousy blond hair. He couldn't have been older than twenty. Julian was mesmerized by the fragile looking boy.

"Hello. You seem new to the kind," Julian drawled, walking close to the boy.

"What the hell you want? I ain't done nothing, a little hussie just bit me, and now I'm a lil' sick, it ain't nothing'," he rambled in a Cajun accent. Julian could feel the legs melting out from under him. He knew the vampire he was talking about, Myra, but he didn't care. She changed humans like it was a game.

"No. You're a vampire, boy. What is your name?" The boy looked defiant as he backed against a wall.

"Why the hell should I tell you?" Julian smirked.

"Because I'll help you tame you're new powers. I'll help you." The boy's eyes glimmered with hope, and Julian knew the boy was fighting with himself on whether to go with the dark man, or keep to himself, and try to control this horrible thing coming over him.

Julian stood up straight, clasping his hands behind his back. The boy gulped visibly, and nodded. "I'll go with you, only if you help me." Julian smiled acidly.


"Lucas. Luke." Julian turned around, forcing Luke to follow after him. He walked into a little whore house-bar, followed by his new apprentice.


Julian felt light headed, and drunken. He had drank several more than need be, and was drunk as a skunk. Luke, however, gulped down drink after drink, still looking sober. Julian couldn't hold his liquor, but the boy seemed to hold his liquor for him.

Julian leaned up against the bar, smirking at everyone that passed him. Luke touched Julian's arm. He turned his attention to the boy, and squinted at him, trying to focus on the one in the middle, not the other two beside him.

"Julian…I…" his voice trailed off. Luke sat up, and kissed Julian sweetly, softly on the lips. Julian's eyes flew open in amazement. He hadn't been kissed for at least a month, and he didn't remember how it felt.

When Luke's lips left his, he felt sad, and longed for more. Luke looked down bashfully.

"I'm sorry…I didn't know what came over m-" Julian silenced him by putting a long finger on his lips.

"Shush." Julian pushed his lips to Luke's. Julian ran his tongue over Luke's bottom lip, and they bloomed without hesitation. Julian wrapped one arm around Luke's back, and one hand supported the back of his head.

Luke held the sides of Julian's head with his hand, and let his tongue explore Julian's mouth, as Julian's tongue massaged it.

Luke felt Julian moan into his mouth, as he pulled Luke closer. Julian heard the people watching, and hissing, calling them abominations, but he didn't care, the only thing he cared about at that moment was Luke.

Julian pulled back first, leaving both parties breathless. Luke looked at Julian bashfully. The tall vampire only smirked, and wrapped his arm around Luke.


Luke laughed at another smartass joke Julian made. It had been twenty years since he had met the newly changed Luke in New Orleans. So that put them at about 2005.

Julian felt like something was up all night long, but he only paid attention to the one he loved, to Luke.

"Luke, lets go do something, let's...let's go to a club or's been so long you know." Luke sighed, looking over at Julian, whose gray eyes shone with hope and eagerness, smirking Luke moved forward, his lips lightly brushing Julian's in a teasing treat like was.

"You'll have to pay me back later for this!" Luke said huskily. Julian laughed.

"How much will it cost?" He queried.

"Oh baby I'm expensive!" Julian laughed again, patting Luke's head and standing up off the crème tatty sofa and marching over to the bedroom door. Opening it he smiled to himself, humming a little and feeling his heart pound in his chest as he saw Luke stand up and stretch like a cat.

So this is what its like to be in love?

Grinning like a lovesick puppy he entered his bedroom…the feeling of dread that had once been there inside him, now gone, nothing more than a mist in his memory.


The club was…interesting to say the least. Luke looked on at the scantily clad sailor dancers with a mild curiosity and an even stronger hatred and jealousy as Julian's eyes popped out their sockets as he stared at them.

The smell of stale alcohol and smoke filled Luke's nostrils; almost burning his hairs and making him grimace in disgust.

"Jesus…" he hissed, adjusting himself in the tacky sparkly red heart seat he sat in. Julian laughed a little, shaking his head. Luke looked over at him, to see him flirting outrageously with a tall dark man behind them. Luke gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, trying to contain both his jealousy and fury. He shot Julian a warning glare, and with an even more powerful stare he pierced the dark man's eyes.

Mine! His eyes read. Mine!

Julian sighed, turning round with an angry pout and sipping his whisky. Luke groaned, looking at him.

"What's wrong?" even though inside he thought: You upset, you can't flirt?

Julian shook his head, staying silent and keeping his eyes firmly on the slowly diminishing whisky in his dirty glass. Luke sighed.

"The silent treatment? Don't be so childish Julian!" Julian frowned, looking at him ludicrously.

"I'mbeing childish?! That's a bit like calling the kettle black!" Luke stood up, grabbing his long black leather jacket and pulling it on, his face storming in anger. Julian laughed sarcastically.

"I'm going home, I don't need this!" Julian waved him off.

"Bye Luke…Don't wait up for me!" He said, motioning to the dark man he had earlier been flirting with. Luke felt his eyes prick with hot tears.

Oh how a night can change you Julian, oh how a night!


Walking with his hands in his pockets Luke let out a long plume of cigarette smoke, through his mind, thoughts of Julian raced, like the London Marathon all the thoughts and memories raced with each other, the finish line, only miles away.

I should apologize…that's right…I'll go back, tell him I'm sorry! Then tonight…oh I'll make it up to him!

Having made up his mind to apologize, Luke turned; smiling to himself…then feeling the breath in his throat get caught.

In front of him, stood a tall slender woman, clad in what appeared to be a black jumpsuit and black trainers she looked a vision of deadly beauty, her hair tied neatly in a plait behind her head. Luke felt his insides chill like ice at her presence, his face contorting in a defensive anger. Inside his mouth, he could feel his fangs elongate and then he could feel them scraping at the bottom of his lips. Hissing he watched the girls hand move to a hilt of a blade.

"NOW!" she screamed in a high-pitched screech. Luke turned sharply, seeing a second dark figure fall from the roof, its feet meeting Luke's face.

There was a crunching noise when the boot connected, and Luke knew his nose was broke. A thin line of cold blood ran from his nostrils to the top of his lip, he licked it, the salty taste making his mouth jump a little in excitement.

He felt a pressure on his throat, and coughing he looked to see a boot on pushing onto his throat.

"VAMPIRE SCUM!" with a scream there was a sharp pain in Luke's chest…gasping he felt the booted foot remove itself from his throat, allowing him to see the long silver blade that was stuck through his heart, pinning him to the cobbled alleyway ground.

His heart, cold and almost dead, slowed, its beating like a steady drum. He looked up at the sky, his undead eyes peering at the perfect stars in the sky, lonely and dying he felt his insides curl, his heart slowly loosing all will to continue beating…

Life is leaving me Julian…I hope you can hear my thoughts my love. I know…I love you my darling, and even though my heart stops beating, my love for you is for always…forever my love…for--

Icy rain began to fall to the sky, Luke's now lifeless body being covered in the small clear droplets. His final thoughts, his final moments…drifting away, slowly as blood seeped from his body. His heart, stopping its once meaningful beating.


Julian's head shot out of the glass he was drinking into. Luke's thoughts came into his head, they were merely static at the beginning, which made him scared. Then they became clearer.

Life is leaving me Julian…I hope you can hear my thoughts my love. I know…I love you my darling, and even though my heart stops beating, my love for you is for always…forever my love…for--

Julian launched from his seat, and ran out the door, past all the hookers, and tramps, and drug addict low lives, running towards Luke's thoughts. The sky broke open, crying tears of icy rain as he sprinted, cursing under his breath.

"Dammit, Luke! Don't you fucking dare!" he snarled. He saw a limp form in the middle of the street. He panicked.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not Luke, anybody but Luke!

He dropped next to the face down body, begging for it to be some druggie, not his precious, beautiful Luke.

He gingerly turned the body over. Sightless, chocolate brown eyes stared back at him, the eyes that several hours earlier made him melt. Tears streamed from Julian's steel gray eyes.

"No, Luke, you fucker! Wake up, I'm sorry, alright! This isn't funny! I told you when we met, you're not allowed to die! Not allowed!" The beautiful, slender figure in his arms didn't move. Julian knew he was gone when he looked into the chocolate brown ones he possessed.

He pulled the body close to him, and rocked back and forth, not wanting to let go, wanting him to come back. Julian sobbed for the first time in his life. He didn't sob when his parents died, executed by the Nazis in Germany when he was a boy, he didn't cry when his best friend died.

He cried his eyes out for Luke, however.

After his eyes were drained until he couldn't cry no more, he swore he would never cry again, and looked at Luke. His lips were faintly blue, but he was gorgeous.

Julian put his lips to Luke, longing for the rushing kiss he was used to, but it never came.

It never will.

The revelation startled Julian, but he hung his head, and kissed Luke one last time.


Shooting out of bed, and gasping; the way Julian usually woke after he dreamt of beautiful Luke. In fact, it was the way he woke every single morning ever since Luke had died a little over a year ago.

Tears threatened in his eyes, but he stayed true to his promise, and suppressed them, gasping. He leaned against a badly painted wall, his head in his hands, gathering his thoughts, and breath.

Luke, Luke was dead. Not alive any more. Physically unable to give kisses, and hugs, and "I love you"'s, or just sweet nothings in general.

Julian bit the inside of his cheek, and breathed deeply.

He finally calmed down, and dressed. He would probably go talk to Quinn later, if he wasn't in the presence of the were-wolf friend. He reminded him to much of Luke.