Soldiers' hands tore her clothes off. She kept her eyes close, to terrify to open them to the horror. She was naked, on her back, and was completely vulnerable. Her hands were tied and above her head. They trembled and her fingers dug into her skin. She felt the soldiers' eyes on her bare body. Dread filled her mind, clouding her mind. The urge to crawl away was strong, but she couldn't escape. She had no choice but to take it. Her breath hitched and sobs escaped from her lips and pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasedon'tplease raced through her mind.

Hands pulled her legs apart. One of soldiers' penises slammed between her legs. She screamed violently in pain. She screamed, pleaded, and prayed until her throat was raw, but it fell flat on any ears. They raped her over and over, spitting on her on occasion and calling her a "Tutsi whore." She dug her nails into rope and her skin and clawed until her nails were chipped and broken. She was bleeding under her nails and between her legs. When one soldier was through, another took his place.

This torture on her body continued for three days. She just was a TOY! Tears strung her eyes, her face scrunched up. The Tutsi woman became different. She was filled with shame. When they freed her hands, after finally sensing her broken spirit, she scratched at her face. Feelings of dirty, disgrace of her body and shame of being a Tutsi overflowed her soul. She openly cursed her people in front of the soldiers. She began to think of blood, fantasying of killing everyone, the soldiers that raped her, than the Hutu and even the Tutsi.

The Tutsi woman went insane.

She attacked any the soldiers that came close to her. She no longer felt fear. Hatred, anger and shameshameshame were all she felt. She thinks that she killed a soldier. He didn't move and a bloody knife in her hands. A twisted grin broke out on her face. The smile still stayed on her face as another soldier came. He raised his gun and--



Author's note: I don't mean no offense to anyone, Tutsi most of all. But Tutsi women are being raped everyday because of them just being Tutsi. I don't know if they go insane or not, but in my story, this woman does.

If they're any grammar mistakes, forgive me. I have no beta.