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A girl with short black hair stands before me.She turns her back to me, and I can see that she has two long, thin braids hanging down her back. She is beautiful, but in a cold, terribly cruel way. She looks back at me, and, from behind her bangs, her violet eyes flash angrily.

'Purple is the color of royalty,' I think, though I can't recall who told me that. "Who are you?" I ask.

She doesn't answer me, and I notice that she is wearing a simple white dress that hnags to just below her knees. My gaze is drwan to her feet; she is wearing traditional white sandals, the straps of which wind up her legs to disappear beneath the hem of the dress.

I try again. "Where am I?" This time she answers me.

"You are dead. This," she gestures to the dark fog that surrounds us, "is the Way to Judgement."

"It's the what?" I repeat, dumbfounded.

"The Way to Judgement." she repeats, before walking away.

I stand where I am for a moment, then I blink and follow her, simply because I don't want to be left alone in this place.

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