I made this for Katy (SerialxLain) since her birthday is tomorrow or whatever. It's a pretty stupid story, but it came from the bottom of my black heart. Hope you like it, Katy.
A gallon of ice cream was placed upon the kitchen counter as Aunt Jeanette was unloading the groceries. Even though they lived on a farm, they often went to the super market to buy unneeded items. Aunt Jeanette was about to put the ice cream into the freezer when Matty came running into the kitchen, slipping on a plastic bag, and falling to the floor with a loud thump.

"Oweeee!" yelled Matt, rubbing his bottom as he picked himself off of the floor. "Eek! My pink ribbon has fallen out of my hair! WHERE, OH, WHERE DID IT GO!?" Matty began to cry as he ran around the house, searching for his lost bow, his long black hair flying behind him.

Aunt Jeanette just stood there, looking at the doorway he had ran through. Her nephew was quite and odd little boy at times, but she loved him dearly.

She finished putting away all of the groceries and was about to put some chicken into the oven when she heard a dog yapping away outside of the window. She looked out, searching the front yard for any sign of life, when she saw a young boy about Matty's age riding a bike, a puppy trailing behind him. The boy had a looking of sheer terror on his face.

Aunt Jeanette giggled at the site. 'A boy, afraid of our little puppy!' she thought. The boy pulled into the driveway and ran behind a bush to hide from the little ball of white fluff. Jeanette decided to go out and help the poor boy as she wiped her hands on her jeans and strolled out the door.

"'Ey, little man! You alright down there?" she called to the boy from the front porch. He turned his head to look at her. His eyes widened and he seemed to squeak. "Oh, come 'ere little man, don't be scared. It's just a little mut." He nodded his head, jumped out from behind the bush, and ran as fast as he could to the screened in porch. Aunt Jeanette quickly shut the door, making the puppy run into it and fall to the ground.

The boy let out a sigh and said, "Thanks very much, ma'am."

"WHERE IS THAT DAMN BOW!!!" Matty yelled from inside the house, still running around, looking for his pink bow he misplaced.

"So boy, what's your name? Would you like some ice cold lemonade?"

"Um... yes, ma'am. And my name's Jack."

"Well, Jack, if you'd just follow me into the kitchen..." Aunt Jeannette opened the door and held it open for Jack as he trailed behind. "You live around here, boy?" she asked as she poured him a tall glass of lemonade.

He took the glass, nodding a thanks to her, and replied, "Sure do, just down the road in the big country house. My mama said I should get out of the house more often, so I borrowed my brother's bike... I didn't know there was gonna be a dog chasin' me the whole ways."

"Ah, that's just my nephew's puppy. He's about your age, ya know. When you is finished with your lemonade, you can go on upstairs and meet him if ya'd like."

"Was he the one screaming inside here a few minutes ago?"

"Sure was. He's been lookin' fer somethin' ever since I got home," she grabbed a cigarette off the counter and began to light it. "You don't mind, do ya?"

"Actually... I do, ma'am. Is it all right if I go and talk to your nephew now?" he got up from the barstool he was sitting on and headed towards the stairs in the hallway.

"Sure, little man. His room is up the stairs, it's the only door on the left."

"Thanks, ma'am," he called as he made his way to her nephew's room. A faint mumbling could be heard coming from the left, in the room that was said to be his.


Jack jumped a little when he heard the scream come from the room.

The scream was followed by a shouting of curses of all kinds. Jack knocked lightly on the door, not sure if Matty would hear it or not, but didn't want to seem rude when he entered the room.

Matty turned quickly turned around, his long black hair twirling around his waste, to look at the intruder. "Eek! Who are you!?" he asked.

Jack's eyes widened when he realized how much Matty looked like a girl. If it weren't for the very tight shirt and baggy black jeans, he wouldn't have noticed he was a male. "Oh... um... I'm Jack. Your aunt said I could come up here and I thought I would because I really don't have many friends around here because I'm kind of a loser and not many people like losers and I-I'm sorry for coming in here so I'll just–"

"You talk too much, silly."

Jack blinked, his mouth still open, trying to form the words he planned on saying next.

"Well? Don't just stand there, come in!" Matty squeaked, motioning for Jack to come in and sit on his bed. Jack did so, sitting between a pile of clothes and other things that usually belong in drawers. He looked up to see Matty staring directly at him, giggling a bit as he did.

"Yes...?" he asked him.

"Hehe... Jack, you're kinda cuuute!" Matty giggled and jumped up and down cheerfully, as if what he had said was just the funniest thing in the world.

Jack's face was heated instantly in a blush. The other boy giggled even more at this. "What's the matter, Jack? You act as if you've never been told you're cute."

"Well, actually, I have–" he started, but was once again cut off by the hyperactive boy.

"OH MY GOD! Seriously? But you're so cute, how is it possible!?"

"Uh... I–"

"Doesn't matter. Do you have a boooyfriend?" Matty winked as he said this, and Jack's blush turned to a bright red.

"No, I don't even like guys!!!"

"Really? Well, I'll just have to change that!" Matty giggled some more and hopped onto Jack's lap, wrapping his arms around his neck.

Jack's eyes widened and looked at Matty and began, "What are you–"

Matty's lips crashed into his own and began to kiss him with great force. He wasn't sure what to think anymore. He had never been kissed before, especially not by another guy. It felt weird for him, not knowing what to do, he almost enjoyed it. If it weren't for the giant lump in the bed that he was sitting on, it would've been great. Jack began running his hands through Matty's hair after a few minutes had passed. Matty pulled away to breathe and looked into Jack's eyes.

"Now do you like guys?" he asked, his voice glazed with lust. Jack nodded and pulled Matty in for more, this time kissing him with his inexperienced lips. Matty moaned into Jack's mouth and pushed the two of them back onto the junk-covered bed.


Hours later, Matty pulled up from under the sheets and smiled at Jack.

"That... was amazing," Jack said, trying hard to catch his breath as Matty began to kiss around his neck.

"Mmhm, they all say that."

Ha. The ending's pretty retarded, but whatever. That's what you get from a fucked up little teenager with no life.Happy Birthday.