Gomen nasai

I didn't know my being friends with other people annoyed you that much

Gomen ne, I let you down and made you feel like shit

Gomen nasai, I couldn't let you have me all to yourself

I didn't mean to make you feel like killing yourself

These are true apologies

Because this is what you made me think and feel like

There is one thing you need to know

Before it's too late

I am and forever will be your best friend

Once you told me those very words

That made me lose my mind

Everything just came crashing down

Hard and fast, I felt as though I couldn't get it together

You started going off at me

Because other people wanted me to do other things

It wasn't that I was trying to ignore you

Iie, that wasn't it at all

Mentally, I was breaking down

I didn't mean to leave you alone

As you were suffering the same

I do not understand why I'm not crying

I want to sad bad

Maybe I should end it all here

You say the same thing every other day

So, what's the difference if I leave first?

You probably will leave me all alone anyway

AN: A poem written out of anger and sadness. I used some Japanese in here…So yeah. It may not be all that good but I really don't care. I'm too angry and upset to care about anything anyway…