My pride lies in an old bedroll

My life waits in a tin can

In cage beside it sits my soul

I should have run but I never ran

I went down to the old crossroads

In the dust I found signed my name

I won a life alone and cold

My destination was freedom but I never came

My talents wasted, my prayers ignored

all because of my pride

so don't be like me: willing and bored

your pain will never subside

Despite all this I continue to fight

For reasons varying in nature

But it will always be for what is right

Even if my disease has no cure

Bury me on that old rose hill

Overlooking the train tracks

Beside two like me that lay silent and still

Let me lay down with no monkeys on my back

These words I say for you today

They are my confessions

Though they don't make me feel proud they help me in a way

Let them be written over my 6-foot recession