Void Delirium


Epilogue II


A knock came from outside the door. I looked up and grinned at the frantic male before motioning him inside. Immediately I was wrapped into a gentle hug by my brother. A weary sigh escaped from my lips right as Adrian began to talk.

"Aleera, how are you? Nothing went wrong, did it? Pierce and Liam are both outside. Do you want them to come in?"

"I'm fine, nothing went wrong, and they can come in."

"Okay, good... is that him?"

I looked down at the small bundle in my arms. A small tuft of black hair poked out from the blankets and a pair of wide red eyes blinked sleepily.

"Yes, it is. Say hello to your Uncle Adrian." I cooed to the baby, lifting him up and placing him in the arms of my bewildered brother. Adrian stood stunned for a minute, looking down at the tiny boy in his arms. Then he pulled it protectively to his chest, rocking my child back and forth.

"He's beautiful. Did you decide on a name yet?"

"Of course I did."

"Well, what is it?"

I smiled wearily.


My brother then smiled and lifted the baby up into the air until they were eye level. Vulnerable red eyes looked all around the room until finally landing back on my brother. Then Jaiden let out a gurgle, reaching out his arms towards Adrian.

"Hello Jaiden..."


That's it, everyone. It's finished... hope you liked it!

If you've made it this far, I want to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart. Every hit, every review, every add to a Favorites list is what created this story. I'm just a high schooler that likes writing more than paying attention in chemistry class... It's you guys that kept me going. And we made it! It's finished!!! Complete!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be a sequel? No. Sorry guys, but there won't be. I know that the ending seems open to a sequel, perhaps of Jaiden's life as a vampire, but it's not going to happen. I like to leave endings open because it leaves you thinking up in your own imagination as to what the characters will do in their future. And I like leaving it up to you guys to think up your own ending.

Why did you turn this into a tragedy? Because I wanted to. Honestly, I did think about making a happy ending, killing Damien off, and letting Jamison and Aleera live together happily. But then I felt like that was too over-used, too cliché. Sometimes life isn't perfect. And if I killed off Damien (as much as I wanted to), I wouldn't have a conflict once Jamison and Aleera got together. What's the point of a story without a good plot about some psycho guy that you just love to hate? Yeah... I thought so.

Are you going to get this published? I have no idea. There's another story of mine (not on FP right now) that I'd rather see published than this one, but I can't predict the future or anything. Who knows...

Will you write another vampire story? Yep. I have a vampire one-shot underway right now, but it might possibly turn into a chapter length story if I find I have too many good ideas to cram into one chapter. It's called Unleashed, and it could possibly turn into the unofficial sequel to this story (I don't feel like elaborating, but it will make sense if I decide to do this). I'm quite excited about it, so keep an eye out for updates in the near future...

Now that you've finished with this story, what are you planning on writing next? Well, firstly I'm going to go back and edit the beginning of this story, lengthen it out some, and tweak it until I'm fully satisfied. Then I'm still not sure if I'm going to continue Everything's Dancing yet or not, but I most likely will. I'm also working on a few one-shots that I haven't decided whether I'm going to post yet or not. Currently I'm a bit obsessed with writing about pirates, but we'll see how long that lasts. Check the section called 'Coming Soon' in my profile to see what's on the way.

What now? Umm... -insert shameless plug here- well, if you're still in the vampire mood, go and read my one-shot called Lunar Love. It's great, it's a happy ending, and I would love it if you guys would R&R it. Thanks so much!