I Wonder

Late at night I think of you

When I'm trying hard to sleep.

I think of how things have been.

Then, I listen as I weep.

I've always wondered what would be

If I thought beyond friends.

But so many girls want you now.

I wouldn't dare to make fate bend.

It'd be too weird, I tell myself.

And I know it's true.

Because if I ever felt like that.

As the two of us in love

Then, I'd never be in control

I'd lose myself, I'd lose us.

I always wanted to be close to you.

As close as I could be.

But never in a million years

Did I see the two of us as 'we'.

I've been accused of liking you before,

But never has it been so deep.

Never have I thought so much.

Because always I've been at peace.

I don't even want to think about it.

It hurts too much inside.

I'll brush it away like I always do.

Cause if I don't, I'll die.