Denmark's Downfall

Into madness, down I slipped,
To lie, enshrouded, in its crypt.
Dreams eluded, spirits crept,
While restless, in the dark, I slept,
Seeing rank and rotten things,
Brothers, uncles killing kings,
Murderers with mothers married,
Daughters drowned and fathers buried,
Every smile was but a spy,
Every truth was but a lie,
And every thought that crossed my mind-
More real than all my deeds combined.

All the passions once I felt,
Died, and in their deaths I dwelt,
Grasping empty dead obsessions,
Seeking answers, finding questions,
Fearing what would come to be,
If Fate would not succumb to me.
Lost in life, I sought the dead,
And, finding nothing,

Died instead.