Ice Breathing Dragon

I'm here today to tell you
About and epic quest
It put all of the best
To an extreme test

Four adventureres set out
Moving about
To find there foe
In the so called winter land

The Ice Breathing Dragon
The best of the fight
Happens long
Into the night

Long and spewing
The lava underneath is stewing
One day the dragon will be

Like the wind
That's silent
Your name

So the fighter and mage
The stealther and seer
They have almost arrived
They are almost here

Step into my lair
Gaze upon my treasures
Then I shall kill you
Thrill you

Or maybe I'm too
For the sterotypical

Maybe I'll have you sit down
While I boil some tea
Entertain you with stories
Of gold and glee

Like the epic battle I fought
Against Slanzor the Dinosaur
I totally defeated him
Struck him right in the core

Or the night
I successfully
The castle

Killed the Prince
Killed the Queen
Killed the King

Saved the Princess

From an arranged marriage
She wasn't happy
Her life
Had become crappy

She was the love of my life
But now without her I'm lost
Please spend some time with me
I can pay the cost