Petals From A Fallen Dandelion

Swirling around the mists of space and time
An endless race
Through black holes, and meteor clouds
Just to be with you

Like petals from a fallen dandelion
I'll drift you you
Drift ever so slowy
As nature takes it's course

Like a frog on a lilipad
Flowing on a swift moving stream
A bee's busy day of work

Or a beaver's dam

Like a sparrow's nest
Or a rabbit's den
Life is full of choices
An long beaten paths

Like an abused child
Scars and bruises abundant
Always something
Going wrong

But there is hope
That one day
They will arrive
On a petal from a fallen dandelion

A pheonixes tears
A kangaroos's ears
The wrathful gods
Like the lighted sky

I hope you find your way
To paradise
And find
The petal of a fallen dandelion