A deserted isle, a secret underwater lab, a missing treasure. Dr. Bryne scoffed at her grandmother's stories of Falore, the haunted isle. But when it becomes home to naval inquiries and an unidentified corpse, Ailish is pulled into a web of deception and death reaching back through the centuries.

I am a creature of the Fey

Prepare to give your soul away

My spell is passion and it is art

My song can bind a human heart

And if you chance to know my face

My hold shall be your last embrace

- The Mermaid: by Howard Pyle

The last rays of the sun set over the tumultuous sea, emitting a path of golden light, which sparkled upon the waves. The sky cast a bloody crimson light upon the sand of a small island situated deep in the Atlantic, forgotten on most maps and charts.

A deserted island, save for one soul. She sat upon the sand and watched the sky. Perhaps, perhaps, she mused, tilting her head with the wind. As the sun sunk fully below the horizon, she stood, and began to walk toward the water. The scent of brine carried by the wind comforted her, as her toes touched the salty sea, a distant look passed over her countenance.

No. She decided instantly, nodding in accord with her thoughts. This secret is mine, and no other will have it. Still at the edge of the water, she could have no suggestion that the decision she had just made would be her last.