Author's notes; Hey guys, this is like a mirror poem to 'My anti-tramp' this shows the different side of tramps, and why they are brilliant. I wrote it about a year ago with my mate Michael.


We love tramps

They're really cool,

They smell like roses

Like me or you.

They have hard earned jobs

Begging on the streets,

With comfy ripped slippers

And lovely warm feet.

They don't go to school

They're much too cool,

They don't get picked on

Because they play ping pong.

They get in fights

Every night,

They always win

And throw their challengers in the bin.

They love to fart

They think its art,

They gas up the street

And they are very discreet.

They go down the road

Thinking they're hard,

They walk in the shop

And steal some lard.