My name is No one

You don't remember me.

I'm the person that walks by you

Whom you never see.


I'm that man that sweeps the sidewalk

Who never wears a smile.

I'm the little girl whose mother hasn't hugged her

In such a good long while.


I'm a business man with hardened eyes

And all money smells the same.

I am the athlete that cheated

Just to win the game.


I am the drunkard that leaves every night

And rules home with an iron fist.

I'm the teen who couldn't take it all

And took a knife to her wrists.


I am the male beaten to death

Because I loved another man.

I need that money so badly

I'll do anything I can.


I'm the coughing woman in the corner

Who rides the subway train.

I am the poor old man

Trying to find shelter from the rain.


I am the woman ravaged

Because she didn't lock the door.

I am the broken child

Lying there upon the floor.


I'm the soldier left to die

Because I was too slow.

I am the kid out on the streets

My fate you'll never know.


Yet you turn your eyes away

And see what you want to see.

Because my name is No one.

You don't remember me.

Revised and added to. I acknowledge the many contributors to this poem, including the ones on this site. Thank you so very much.