Precious Cargo

By Bob Evans

A/N: The characters and places mentioned in this story are completely fictional, and are the product of the author's imagination.


Charley Base

Colonel Paulsen massaged his eyes, and yawned sleepily. He was sitting in the passenger's seat of a jeep, riding down the dark road to Charley Base. It was three in the morning, and he'd just been woken up twenty minutes earlier, with a code-yellow call, and was ordered to report to Charley base on the double.

"Lieutenant, you wouldn't happen to know what's going on at base?"

"Sorry sir, I was just ordered to bring you in."

Paulsen sighed. The jeep continued down the dark road, and five minutes later they were outside the base gates. A young private opened the gate, and they headed straight to the Operations Building. Inside he was greeted by Sergeant Carlos.

"Colonel, so sorry to wake you at this hour, but I think you better take a look at this..."

He handed him a yellow folder, with thick bold words on the side reading, "Classified".

"Why was a code-yellow alert raised?"

"My superiors ordered it and then faxed this over." Carlos said, referring to the folder.

Paulsen nodded, and headed into the next room. He threw the folder on the desk, and after sitting down, rubbed his eyes again. He then pulled out the file, and began to read.




It is confirmed that team-blue was reported all KIA on 5/29/07. Last transmission was made to base on 5/27/07. While mission was originally assessed to have been terminated due to mechanical errors, it is now believed that the crew was attacked, and no one survived. All computer files and security logs were destroyed. Any and all information concerning the disaster was lost.

It should be noted that in their last transmission log, team-blue suspected that their initial report confirmed suspicion on Inferno Project. If so, then either specimens were destroyed, or have been taken to an as of yet unidentified location.

Paulsen finished reading, and yawned sleepily. Inferno Project, huh? So it was confirmed. But who would attack the team? And where were the specimens? There were too many questions, and very little was known. Team-blue had obviously done their job, but now there was the question of what exactly happened.

Sergeant Carlos stepped in. "What do you make of it?"

"If team-blue was terminated, then who is cleaning up the mess?"

"Well, that's outside my jurisdiction. But it was confirmed?"

"Yes…Project Inferno is confirmed."

"What's next, then…?"