Inferno Project

Colonel Paulsen sat down in the conference room, and faced the various other commanders and military leaders. He nodded to his assistant, who proceeded to dim the lights in the room.

"Gentlemen," he began, "in the last week, team-blue confirmed our suspicions on Inferno Project. I will now illustrate our finds…"

He turned, and flipped on a projector that was sitting on the table. The light illuminated the wall behind him, displaying an image of several charts.

"In 1999, we came across some data with Egyptian scientists about some ancient texts. Normally, our weapon specialists don't work with historical texts, but we had certain intelligence information…"

The shutter clicked, and an image of the mummy was displayed.

"Some time in ancient history, the Egyptians were designing a type of warrior that would be invincible, using supernatural powers. A so-called 'super-soldier'."

The shutter clicked again, and a major battle was shown on a sandy landscape.

"According to legend, this super soldier was created, but the men in power were afraid it was too powerful. Fearful of what they created, they performed a religious curse on it, and put it on a ship…"

The shutter clicked, and an image of an Egyptian seafaring vessel was shown.

"…to be sent to the frozen north, never to be seen again." He stood straight, and looked down at the several faces. "As you all no doubt know, such beliefs are childish. We had no reason to believe that this ship even existed."

The shutter clicked, displaying an overhead view of Blue Base.

"But our scientist had made several recent discoveries in the field of Quantum Mechanics, that we began to believe that maybe such beliefs weren't childish…maybe we could use them. Maybe as a weapon… So we used supplies from a private Canadian company to launch an excavation team, and paid them on the notion that U.S. military funds were being put into their research."

The shutter clicked, and the large hole in the ice was displayed.

"We found it; quite fast too. The magnetic readings were going off the charts around the area. We had no idea what we were going to find."

The shutter clicked, this time showing the various angles of the mummy lying on the slab in the lab, being examined.

"They found this super soldier, brought it back to the lab…and it killed them all."

The shutter clicked one last time, and displayed an overhead image of the burnt down Blue Base.

"Our science team confirms it, and after making contact with the Egyptian government, they've confirmed it too."

Paulsen switched off the projector, and the lights came back on.

"Gentlemen, we're dealing with a new style of warfare that dates back to ancient times. It defied all common scientific belief until our recent discoveries were made. To be blunt, though,it was Egyptian scientists that first tapped this potential..."

Several heads turned, and whispers filled the room.

"These discoveries are now ready to be released. Supernatural warfare exists, and the potential is extremely great both scientifically, but mainly militarily."

Paulsen pulled out a series of files, and threw them out on the table, allowing them to spread out.

"We've opened Pandora's box, so let's see what's inside…"