Reunited Love

8 years ago, they shared a week full of passion, before he left her for bigger things. Now he's back, and she wants nothing to do with him. Except, there's the result of their passion and attraction—a beautiful daughter…

"Did you hear about Alex Vellios coming here on Saturday for his new movie?" Angelina's excited, eager voice burst into my ear.

This is what I did:

First I winced; it was a natural reaction.

Then, I glared at her and hissed, "Be quiet! This is a library," -to which she rolled her eyes.

And then, I very intelligently asked, "Who the hell is Alex Vellios?"

Her mouth dropped open as she stared at me. I think she was expecting me to throw my arms up and shout, "JUST JOKING!" But, when I didn't, she closed her mouth and gave me a look that clearly said she thought I was an alien of some sort.

"Hel-lo? He is only the most gorgeous 18-year-old actor in the history of…of… actors! How can you not know about him?!"

I rolled my eyes in an exaggerated manner and turned back to my book. "What movies has he been in?"

Angelina let out a dreamy sigh. "Well, his first movie was Take My Heart; remember me and you went to watch it together?"

"You and I," I corrected absently. And I did remember that movie. So, I agree Alex Vellios was somewhat of a hottie, but I was not a huge fan of movies and stardom. I mean, I didn't own a single poster or picture of any celebrity, and I wasn't planning to either. I bet I didn't even know of a quarter of famous celebrities that Angelina knew of. Actually, scratch that, I knew I didn't know of a quarter of famous celebrities that Angelina knew of.

"Then, his second movie was called Starry Nights, and then his next movie will be shot here! Lead The Way To Love…"

I stared at her oblivious, dazed expression.

What? Was this guy in love with chick flicks or something? I mean, come on! Take my heart? Starry nights? Lead the way to love?


Angelina continued blabbing away with that same silly expression on her face and I tuned out for a few moments. We only had two days till Spring Break started and then we had about a month of school after that till summer. It was amazing how fast school seemed to go this year. Soon, summer would be over, and we'd all be heading to college. As scary as the thought seemed sometimes, it was just as exciting.

"…and we'll get pictures with him and autographs and—are you listening to me, Isabelle?" I turned back to Angie and nodded.

"We'll do whatever you want, Angie, whatever you want…"

2 Days Later

"There he is!" she screeched.

"Where?" I started looking around.

She started slapping my shoulder excitedly, "There! There!"

I saw him. Well, actually I didn't see him because there were about 25 other people, consisting of females, around him, and unlike some people, I didn't have the power to see through bodies. But it had to be him. Who else could it be? Only a celebrity could create such stir and excitement in this dry, dull town of New Haven.

"Quick! How do I look? How do I look?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at her. "You look fine, Angie! Stop worrying!"

It wasn't a lie. Angie always looked good, no matter what. With her straight blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, she had nothing to worry about. If anyone should have been worried, it should have been me. With dark curly hair that was always wild and out of control, I was the one with the curse. Right now, however, it was all pulled back into a loose ponytail with only a few chunks of curls flying loose.

Angie dragged me towards the crowd and started pushing through the people until we were directly in front of him. Alex Vellios stood tall at 6 feet over everyone else with dark hair and lightly tanned skin. He pulled off his dark shades to reveal golden eyes as he looked down at Angie. Then, there was that bright, charming smile he was known for. Ok, so I'll admit it; Alex Vellios wasn't just a hottie, he was drop dead gorgeous.

But, I'll be damned if I ever let him know that.

"Can you autograph my arm? I don't have any paper." Angelina's voice registered in my mind and I looked at her as she pushed her skinny arm under his nose. He let out his famous smirk and quickly signed his name on her arm. Then, he turned his gorgeous eyes to me said, "Would you like me to sign your arm as well?"

I blinked. I hadn't expected his voice to be so rich and deep, like warm honey.

Heart fluttering, I let out a sophisticated stammer of, "Uhh--" before grabbing Angie's arm and ducking out of the crowd..

"Izzy! Why did you do that?! I wanted to get a picture too!"

I rolled my eyes, "At least you got your arm signed."

She clutched her arm and stared at it. "Yeah… I'm never washing my arm again!" she announced.

I gave her a weird look, which went unnoticed, and started walking towards Fidelio Restaurant & Bar.

"You do know that I have to work the late shift today, don't you?" I asked as we neared the place.

The only reply was a murmur and a soft sigh, and I figured she was still swooning over the autograph, so I stopped and turned to face her. "Angelina." I waited until she looked up. "You can go home now."

She looked around. "Oh…Oh! Right, bye," she said and turned away.

Shaking my head, I made my way inside the expensive restaurant and headed to the back towards the kitchen.

Fidelio was a successful restaurant, and I think working there was even more stressful. Most of the customers who came there were either wealthy or… well, wealthy. And waitressing there was hard work because we had to be on our best behavior to impress everyone and not slack off at all.

Grabbing my apron and other essentials, I headed out to the front to get started. There weren't many people here today, and I supposed most of them were out meeting the infamous Alex Vellios. I was standing by the kitchen door talking to one of the other waitresses, when in walked, in all His glory, Mr. Superstar himself.

And just as suddenly, the whole place was full of people.

We all frantically tried to serve the tables and I had the pleasure of serving Alex Vellios and his co-stars.

I greeted them with my usual, "Good evening," and then rattled off some of our specialties that I had engraved in my brain.

Most of them ordered, but the beautiful girl sitting next to Alex was having some problems. She kept making annoyed noises and disgusted faces as she read the menu. My eyes met with the golden gaze again and I stopped breathing. Those exotic, captivating eyes looked back at me and I got caught in a trance.

I quickly left as Ms. Picky finally decided what she wanted to eat.

The food was served and I went on to the other tables, momentarily forgetting about the golden-eyed boy. I finally looked in their direction as they started getting up.

"I hope you enjoyed your meals," I said with a genuine smile.

Ms. Picky rolled her eyes at me and quickly huffed away, while the others smiled politely and walked out. I'd started clearing the table when I noticed that Alex Vellios hadn't left yet.

"Were you not satisfied with your meal, sir?" I asked.

"No... the meal was fine, good in fact," he said quickly and then added, "I'm Alex."

I blinked at him. "I-I know."

He smiled nervously and ran a hand through his hair. "Uh-yeah… Isabelle is a beautiful name."

I looked at him with widening eyes. How did he know my name? Frowning, I opened my mouth to ask him when he gestured to my chest. Looking down, I saw my golden nametag pinned to my crisp white shirt. I felt like slapping my forehead. Of course he knows my name.

I knew my cheeks reddened and my heart jumped. What was going on here? My fellow co-workers kept looking in our direction and I could understand their confusion. I felt it too. Why was Alex Vellios talking to me like a normal person?

"Listen, uh, there's a party we'll be having at the Richton Hotel tomorrow evening… would you like you to go with me?"

I stared at him with widening eyes. What?!

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

I was practically hyperventilating inside.

He was still staring at me, and I didn't trust myself to speak, so I nodded mutely.

He grinned and took my hand, planting a soft kiss on the back of it. What a charmer.

"Great, then, I'll see you at 7 tomorrow." With that he gave me another smile, before leaving quickly.

I sank into one of the chairs, not quite over the shock yet.

Wait till Angie heard about this..

But this was just the beginning. We started spending more time together, almost like a couple, which almost always blew my mind away whenever I thought about it. It was like a dream for me and I fell in love with Alex Vellios in those 7 days. He taught me about life, love, and happiness. But, never had I thought he would have made such a huge difference in my life.


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