Gabriel and Megan both ended up attending Harvard College for undergraduate studies, then Harvard Medical and Law Schools for graduate studies. They married after college, before graduate school, and stayed in Boston for the rest of their lives. Gabriel became a lab researcher and eventually joined a board working to find the cure for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Megan worked at a prestigious law firm for a few years, and then switched to being a public defender for the city of Boston. She opened a part-time office for pro bono publico cases. They had three children; Megan outright refused to bear thirteen babies.

Samantha, Twist, and Tim dropped off the face of the earth after Sara's funeral. Investigations involving the shooting at the funeral home and their disappearances were suppressed by direct orders from the Pentagon.

Shannon, the last remnant of the Tri at Mag, was prominent at the school and graduated with a valedictorian speech and flourish. She attended Carnegie Mellon University to paint. She met her future husband at her art show. He was a rich young man from London who was in love with her and her art. They married and adopted children from India, China, Africa, and Thailand.

Samantha, Twist, and Tim hired a CEO to run TabanPress while they were otherwise occupied. He was sworn to secrecy and made no major moves without their consent. TabanPress exploded further onto the publishing scene with what was hailed as H.C. Kreagor's finest work: A Tale of Three Children. It branched out and published music, the most famous of which were Samantha Villa's pieces; scientific and mathematical journals and findings, many from Oliver Lind; photography, contributed by Timothy Liam and photographical hobbyists Gabriel and Megan Chambers; and art, the most famous contributor being Shannon Whitehall.

H.C. Kreagor wrote no more books. TabanPress, after literary pressure from all over the world became too great, revealed her gender and death years before. Her actual identity remained a subject of intense conjecture. TabanPress issued a statement refusing to bring forth her name.

Gabriel put two and two together, wrote to TabanPress, and received an official "no comment" letter in response.

Serena and Mike never dated. Serena joined the Russian ballet as their new prima ballerina, later holding the prima ballerina assoluta title. Mike became a widely known sports commentator, freelancing for various sports magazines. He developed a rather interesting talent for lockpicking when he retired.

Mrs. Thomas, Ms. Zeller, and Mr. Gallegos continued to administer in Mag. Their pictures were hung up in the library after retirement.

Stanley became an extremely successful businessman and reached the peak of his wealth in his mid-thirties. Unfortunately, he could not control his alcohol addiction, and his multibillion dollar business declared bankruptcy a few years later. He died of liver cancer.

Cynthia Haught and Sabrina Kramer went on to work in competing design firms. They remained enemies for the rest of their lives, even when their grandchildren later fell into a sadly predictable Romeo and Juliet situation.

As new students came into Mag, the Tri was relegated to the school's lore. Stories about a Triumvirate ruling the school circulated even until Gabe and Megan's children attended. Eventually, though, the students began calling the top clique the "Tri" as a form of slang, without knowing what it was short for or who the original Tri was. The Tri became as unknown and quirky as Mrs. Johnson.

But then, that was how they would have wanted it.


An elite school for the rich and talented

A bet or a wager

A love triangle

A sarcastic character

A villain who doubles as a ditzy cheerleader

A girl who hates a guy

A guy who hates the girl who hates him

A scene in which a guy fights for a girl with another guy

A party


A sickness

An overprotective brother

Best friends

Someone famous

A happy (and unhappy) ending