Is It the place we Pretend to be the Dirty Little Players we are and then Walk around like we have Limps and claim to be Gangster Pimps. Or is it the place where are sleazy Sluts walking with pride to be the Undefeated Whores and expose their Naughty Activities On school grounds.

It could be the place where the cruel Preppies think they are the Royalty Clique Because Daddy just got a Promotion to be the next money maker in his Law firm. Maybe it's the place where those ghetto Folks think they are so tough and think they rule

The school because Guns and knifes are now even more accessible to teens. Possibly it's the place where those obese students are constantly being thrown ridicule jokes upon from those snobby slim bitches that secretly live in a world of Bulimia. Or maybe it's the place where that young and seductive teacher keeps provoking a male's Hormones to Pump Up it's adrenaline by her Erotically Steamy look being the Sexy exhibitionist she really is profound to be.

It might be that place where those two gothic's Continue to talk about there dreadful lives by making the other kids feel deplorable for there acts. It could be that place where those psycho freaks threaten to Kill a person, but like The morons we are, we take it as an attractive joke.

Could It be that place where that straight "A "honors student is admired by her Intelligence and Beauty as one of the school's fewest virgins, but Is secretly Cutting herself In the girl restroom then walks out with that adorable smile we love to see her show. Wait, it might be that place were that promiscuous Boy Is envied to be Mr. Player-Player, but only he knows he has a Little secret to reveal that he is H.I.V positive.

But damn, It could be that place were people are over the age of 20 and still can't multiply a simple fraction and don't know what a noun Is. Well Is it that place where so many teenagers sneak there naïve parents Vodka and easily Mix it up in there Coke cans where no adult is smart to figure it out, come on, even the mentally Ill kids know that.

Hold up, It could be that place where those crack heads sneak behind the school's cafeteria and have a little purple haze gathering. Well you've asked all these questions, and you still don't know what high school Is, well too bad, because Is has changed and altered, All I have to say Is look above and maybe you'll figure It out one day.

Created by : Joey A.JR.