"Stuck in a Dress"

Feed me lies through my mouth.
"The scalpels don't scare me; I'll be okay."
Say it again if you want it to be real.
I'll blot your eyes with gauze;
no need to bleed clear
for what you'll never feel.

Whisper if you fear me.
"I will play the victim" and "I will play the villain..."
The perpetrator knows best;
the roles can always change.
Today I think I'll swallow
what you spit in the drain.

"I will submit to everything,"
said the whore who can't touch people.
Things become fuzzy once they've been drowned
thirty times over in the sewers.
I can't face another demon
more beautiful than myself.

This is my wretched apology
carved in my skin with scissors.
Practiced before the mirror, I tried to mean it,
and pretending you would care, I almost did.
Sometimes our hearts are crystal,
but what you taste is just lipstick.