Going To Be Okay

I'm going under,

I'm falling further down,

Far away from you,

Even if I do drown.

- - -

Just admit you never loved me,

None of this was ever true,

Just admit you didn't love me,

It was just me who loved you.

I was the stupid little girl,

Who thought you wanted my heart,

Because I thought you cared for me,

Even as I fall apart...

- - -

I should've known better than that,

Should've realized it before,

Now I'm so far in I can't stop,

I shouldn't care anymore.

- - -

I'm going under,

You push me further down,

So that I can't breathe,

I can just hope to drown,

That way I can't think,

How on the phone you lie,

And tell me I love you,

The words before good-bye.

- - -

Just admit that you never cared,

As I try to reach a hand,

You never loved me like I thought,

But I don't need you to stand.

- - -

I have my own legs to walk with,

And my own heart to trust in,

Things didn't go the way I had hoped,

But I just can't always win.

I won't be the the one to regret,

All the times we spent each day,

And though part of me still loves you,

Without you I'll be okay.