Where to begin, and where did I end?
I was driving from the restaurant
And through the streets, the bad side of town and
Every so often lights flashed across me
Pulsing with the vocals haunting my speakers
Of my car, my trusty steed,
Sped on by the police and cops and criminals-
And I forget the speed limit
But that is okay,
The accelerator knows.

So I drove, And I drove, And I drove.

I'm almost blind in the night,
So my lights were on their brightest.
At first drove to boring places
Like business parks, sanitary stations,
Abandoned parking lots and sad empty warehouses.
And then I decided to go into the unknown.

It was dark, and the road soon
Became unfamiliar
For I was in the country of
Blackest of night.
I imagined someone next to me
Relaxed to sleep
But moaning in his dreams
But trusting me

So I drove, And I drove, And I drove.

The road wound around hills dreaming mountains.
They never seemed to end, winding
On the edges of the abyss-
Any moment, any wrong turn
And I tumble onto either fate:

To the left were the trains,
They only come out at night, chuckling,
When there were few cars to disturb them.

To the right of me were the fallen stars,
The airport that housed the planes
That carried yellow and dying stars.

I could've been either
Driven insane or sickened-
But either way, I would've been dead.
The unfortunate stars and trains
Wound up in the parking lots
So busy and trampled by empty cars,
The numbers are the graves.

At some point, I had to turn around.
The world and night and street was so empty.
Darkness folded about me again,
Lights of green salvation so far away.
I was shaking, a little,
And smelled the sweetness of a forest
Being eaten by the concrete,
Bleached by the dead stars,
I followed and past the roads blocked
By flimsy slabs of concrete,
She's striking back in futile fury
For the cracks forgotten were overrun with weeds.

The ambient music ambled on, ending,
And I returned to the beginning of the disk.
My imaginary companion never said a thing,
Only nodding and suggesting with his mind,
Only wanting a places to rest...


Then came my step into reality
After a hurried drive back to where I knew,
Walking in a daze of lights
Of a superstore,
Playing with the stuffed animals
Yearning for a child,
Fading in and out of the musical snowglobes
Looking for the one my father had.

I remember when mother lied,
She had bought it
And said that brother bought it.
And he cried
And I did too
And I'm in this store after a long journey
Of green numbers and orange globes
Trying to ground myself
Into the plastic generic freckled tile...
Where is the earth?

I opened all the jewelry boxes and
Pulled out all their little drawers.
I twisted the silver keys on all the toys,
They played and that danced and they sang.
I flipped all the watches open for the time
While having it all along, silent in my pocket.
The ticking was unanimous; I was wasting time.
I scooped up gum and candy and a fake kitten and a cartoon,
Stuffed them all into my pocketbook,
And my cellphone never ever rang, not once.
It was something to think about.
I didn't want to go home,
But the store that sold the disks were closed,
And I had nowhere else to go.
It was something to think about.
I thought of the intoxicating liquid I held in my hand,
I thought of all the smashed wishes
Smashed like glass wine bottles and fancy cups and cusps,
What was it all for?

It was something to think about.