Title: Drunk Friends

If it's one thing Vicki hated, it was being home alone. She was more of a people person so living with no roommate was hard on her. Tonight she had decided to hang out with Rachel at her apartment. Maybe they would watch some movies or drink a bit or whatever.

For this occasion, Vicki dressed in a jean skirt and a black zip-up hoodie with nothing but a red bra underneath. She wanted to be comfortable but not hot so that's why she decided to wear just the hoodie. When she got there, Rachel opened the door with a huge smile on her face.

They had only known each other for two months but they had become fast friends and Rachel knew Vicki was a lesbian. Rachel was bi so she went both ways.

"Hey there. I was just about to start a movie so c'mon in. You want something to drink?"

Vicki nodded, smiling. "You have any vodka or something?"

"Smirnoff good?"

Vicki nodded, running a hand through her wavy blond hair as she headed for Rachel's bedroom where the flat screen was. "Anything's good right now."

Rachel nodded. "Okay, I'll see you in a minute."

Vicki laid down on the bed and minutes later Rachel came in with two drinks and laid down next to her. They started the movie and halfway through they were already feeling tipsy. Vicki couldn't stop laughing and Rachel was acting extremely flirtatious.

When the movie ended, Vicki was the first to speak. "So what should we do now? Watch another movie?"

"Actually……." Rachel rolled over on top of Vicki and sat up, straddling her waist. She pulled her shirt off over her head, revealing her pink laced bra, and slipped off her jean shorts, revealing a matching pair of pink short panties. She bent down over Vicki, leaving only an inch of space between their lips. "I had something else in mind."

Vicki was surprised. She had no idea that Rachel liked her but all she could do was grin. "And what's that?" Vicki sat up, unzipping her jacket and tossing it on the floor, revealing her own red push-up bra. She then ran one hand up Rachel's stomach, placing her other hand on her hip.

"Let's experiment," Rachel said seductively. She reached down and slowly unzipped the zipper on Vicki's skirt. She then laid down on top of Vicki and pressed her lips up against Vicki's, pushing the bottom of Vicki's skirt up with her hands.

Vicki slid her hands around to Rachel's back and undid her bra clasp, pulling the bra away and dropping it on the floor beside the bed. "I can't believe this is happening," she said in between kisses, reaching up to fondle Rachel's breasts.

"I know," Rachel gasped between kisses, sliding her hands down underneath Vicki and undoing her bra clasp. She pulled away Vicki's bra and dropped it on the floor with her own, grabbing one of Vicki's firm round breasts. She pulled out of the kiss and moved down to suck on her nipple, grabbing her other breast with her other hand and grinding her waist down onto Vicki's.

Vicki moved her hips up against Rachel's, squeezing and rubbing Rachel's breasts. She started to moan lightly as Rachel continued sucking on her nipple, her tongue going around in circles on the tip. She ran one hand down inside the front of Rachel's panties and started to massage her pussy, already feeling wetness. She moved her fingers up and down over her clit, moaning even more.

Rachel soon pulled her mouth away from Vicki's breast and focused on grinding her hips into Vicki's, Vicki's fingers rubbing her in all the right places. She laid down on top of Vicki, rubbing her breasts up against hers as she continued to move her hips back and forth, applying pressure to Vicki's pussy. Soon she was bucking her hips on Vicki's, her pussy pouring out juices. Her moans got louder and louder each time, her jaw tightening. It felt so good to have Vicki's fingers on her and her waist on top of Vicki's.

After a couple minutes of grinding waists and rubbing Rachel's pussy, Rachel pulled Vicki's hand out of her panties and licked the juices off of her fingers, sucking on them. She then scooted back until she was at Vicki's feet and pulled the skirt down and off, tossing it to the side. She placed her hand over Vicki's pussy that was covered by red panties and rubbed her hand up and down over it.

Vicki reached up to grab the headboard with both hands and started to moan, shivers going up her spine. "That feels good, Rachel."

Rachel flipped back her wavy brown hair and slowly pulled down Vicki's red panties, exposing her wet pussy. She set the panties beside herself on the bed before pushing Vicki's legs up, bending her knees, and spreading them apart. She moved her head down onto Vicki's pussy and instantly began lapping up her juices, flicking her tongue over Vicki's clit.

Vicki started to groan and whimper, biting her lip. She started rubbing her own breasts, pressing her head down onto the pillow as Rachel continued.

Rachel dipped her tongue in Vicki's pussy, tongue-fucking her. She moved her tongue in and out a few times before returning to licking away her juices. When she got tired of eating Vicki out, Rachel sat up and turned Vicki over onto her side. She then moved her own waist forward and picked up one of Vicki's legs, putting it over her shoulder. She moved forward until her pussy was pressing up against Vicki's and started to move her hips back and forth, their pussies slamming into each other.

Vicki's moans escalated to half-screams as she returned the pushing, bucking her hips up. She moved her pussy around in a circle, pushing it up against Rachel's, her nipples getting even harder.

They continued this way, bucking their hips into each other, wet pussies slamming together, moaning and shouting. After a while, Vicki came to her orgasm and only seconds after her did Rachel come to hers. They both screamed together, their juices flowing out heavily, staining Rachel's bed sheets.

When their orgasms were over, Rachel crawled off the bed, pulling Vicki with her. "I have a surprise for you." She led her into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower, opening the glass door. She waited until it was warm before stepping in and pulling Vicki with her. She backed Vicki up against the wall, pulled the showerhead down, and got down on her knees. Picking one of Vicki's legs up and putting it over her shoulder, she faced the showerhead towards Vicki's pussy and rubbed up and down on her clit as the water ran over her walls.

Vicki started to moan, running both of her hands through Rachel's wet brown hair. She groaned even more when Rachel turned the water up, increasing the pressure. She let her run the water over her pussy for a few minutes, moaning loudly, before pulling Rachel up into a standing position. She backed Rachel up against the wall and kissed her passionately, holding the showerhead over them so their kisses were wet and their bodies dripped with water. Vicki ran her hand down until she reached Rachel's pussy and started rubbing it up and down, kissing Rachel heavily.

Rachel began to moan into Vicki's mouth, feeling herself release her juices.

They made-out for about ten minutes, fingering each other's pussies, before lying down on the shower floor together, Vicki on top. They started grinding their waists together again, the water running all over their fit bodies. Rachel seemed to be enjoying it the most because her moans outdid Vicki's.

They continued their grinding for a good ten minutes until they grew tired and just laid side by side, kissing leisurely and sensually.

They started grinding their waists together again a few minutes later and added in a little finger-fucking but by then they were moving slowly and grinding softly because they had grown tired. Twenty minutes later, they stopped and left the shower, giggling with delight.

Vicki told Rachel she should go but Rachel wasn't ready for her to leave just yet. She dragged her over to the bed and told her to lay down before disappearing in her closet. She returned minutes later with a large purple double-sided dildo and climbed onto the bed with her. They got down under the covers and Rachel laid on top of Vicki, pushing the dildo in Vicki first. She then put the other half inside herself and they both began to move together, giggling at first and then moaning. Their moans gradually turned to screams as they bucked their hips into each other, pushing the dildo in and out of each other. Ten minutes later, they reached their orgasms and lay together sweaty, cuddling.

"I'm so glad we did that," Rachel whispered to Vicki.

Vicki kissed her lightly before pulling away. "I'm glad we did too. You're amazing and you're so damn sexy."

Rachel giggled. "You aren't too bad yourself. I can't wait to get my hands on that rack again."

Vicki's eyes widened. "You dirty dirty girl."

Rachel just smiled and kissed her again. "I hope this wont be the last time we do this."

Vicki pressed her forehead against Rachel's, locking eyes with her. "Not if I have anything to say about it."