Chapter 14

"You need a friend
I'll be around
Don't let this end
Before I see you again
What can I say to convince you
To change your mind of me?

I'm gonna love you more than anyone
I'm gonna hold you closer than before
And when I kiss your soul, your body'll be free
I'll be free for you anytime
I'm gonna love you more than anyone"

More than Anyone- Gavin Degraw

Kody was quiet as he drove to the airport. Many thoughts ran through his head as he drove on the long highway. He had to leave for Australia…the others didn't understand.

The exit for the airport came up on his right. He turned on it and soon arrived at the airport. He turned his car into the rental car place and unpacked his luggage. In the airport he went up to the ticket counter where he waited for an available agent.

"Hello." The lady said as he walked up. He handed her his document and stood back with no expression as she took all of his bags. "Going to Australia are we?" She asked. He looked up then back down. After she was done placing his bags on the conveyor belt behind her, Kody left to the security gate.

Kody's bag was searched as he went through the Security Checkpoint. After he grabbed his bag off the scanner he made his way to gate C5.

On his way there, he grabbed a quick coffee and lunch from Wendy's. Finally, he arrived at the gate and went to the check in line. No one was in line and no other people were there except for one agent at the door who was collecting tickets.

"Excuse me sir, what row are you?" The agent asked. Kody turned to her then to the ticket that was in his hand. He read out that he was Row G, seat 15. The agent looked and nodded. "The plane is delayed about ten to fifteen minutes so, we will board your row in a minute sir." With that, Kody sat down in a chair and waited.

Kimmy sped to the airport quickly. She couldn't just let Kody leave like this. Spotting the airport exit, Kimmy quickly swerved off of the highway. Arriving at the airport she quickly searched for a parking space. She then spotted a white van pulling out and she pulled her red car into the empty space. Then she went to the bus stop and waited for the next bus.

After about three or four minutes, a bus pulled up and picked her up. She sat down as she was driven to the terminal. Looking around the bus she saw little girls and a mother who was tending to them. Kimmy smiled.

The bus pulled to a stop and Kimmy quickly exited the bus and went into the airport. She went straight up to the Security Checkpoint. The line was enormous. There were hundreds of people trying to get in to make their flight. She tapped an old man who was in front of her on the shoulder. He turned his head and looked at her.

"Excuse me, I'm Kimmy…I need to get through this line…you see my boyfriend is going back to Australia and I need to catch him before he leaves." She said. He looked at her weirdly and turned back around. "Please sir…I'm desperate." He turned back around.

"You expect me to believe a crackpot story like that?" He asked. Kimmy nodded weakly. "If you want to get through this line, you have to wait like the rest of us! There are no privileges here for a lady with a story as tall as a building!" He said coldly.

"But sir, you don't underst-" She started but was cut off.

"I do! You want me to believe a fat lie like that so you don't have to wait like the rest of us! I was born in the thirties missy, don't you think for a second you can fool me!" He yelled as he turned back around. Kimmy had no choice now but to wait, a little longer than planned.

Kody waited impatiently at the gate for the delayed plane. After a few minutes, while he was looking blankly into space, a tap on his shoulder brought him back to reality. In front of him was a small girl of no more than seven years of age. Her blonde wavy hair was done into braids on the sides of her head. She smiled weakly as he looked at her.

"Hi little girl." He said finally. The girl smiled brighter and stood taller. "Can I help you with something?" He asked.

Putting one braid behind her ear she stuttered, "Aren't you Kody? THE Kody?" He smiled as he thought of the first time he met Kimmy as she did the same with the stuttering.

"Why yes I am." He smiled. She smiled even more brightly.

"Can- can- can I have- your autograph?" She asked as she stuttered again. He smiled again and nodded and took a pen out of his bag.

"What's your name little girl?" He asked. She finally worked out the name Kiera. He wrote the autograph and gave it to her. She took it eagerly and gave him a quick hug before she ran off towards another section of the seating area. He smiled for a few minutes then turned back to staring at the ceiling.

Kimmy tapped the man's shoulder again. He turned quickly around and his face became grave.

"What the heck do you want now? I told you to wait or leave! You wont get in front of me okay missy?" He yelled.

"Do you know who I am?" Kimmy started. By this time everyone in the security line had turned towards them. The man shook his head.

"Oh my gosh! It's Kimmy!" One teenager yelled excitedly. Soon everyone was making his or her way toward her. Soon it was becoming pretty crowded. One guy came up.

"Have you ever kissed a man?" He asked. She looked at him weirdly. This girl approached him and grabbed his ear and pulled him away. She was obviously his girlfriend. Kimmy looked to her right and saw a geek at a laptop sitting just out of security.

"My manager will be giving out signed autographs right over there." She said as she pointed to the geek. He looked around and pointed to himself questionably. Everyone ran over to him. Soon he had girls lunging at him.

"It's about time." He said. Kimmy took this opportunity to run towards the gate.

"The plane has finally arrived. We are now boarding rows A-F. Please make a line in front of me please." The agent said. Kody looked at his ticket labeled G-15. He sighed and stared off into space once again.

After about five minutes, the agent called rows G-M. Kody got up and got in line.

"Kody!" He heard a voice. He turned around and saw Kimmy running towards him. He stopped where he was as she continued towards him. She reached him and hugged him. He smiled. She took his hands and squeezed them once.

"Hey." He said. She looked at him, glad that she caught him. "I have to catch my plane." He said looking towards the jet way.

" I just wanted to say goodbye."

"I appreciate it." He said smiling weakly. "I'm sorry Kimmy, but I need to go."

"Why are you going?" She asked. He said nothing. "You know you can tell me anything, don't you?" He nodded.

"I'm sorry Kimmy, I just need to go." With that he pulled from her hands and walked slowly towards the jet way. Looking behind him Kimmy was teary eyed. He turned back and gave his ticket to the agent. She took it and Kody slowly walked down the jet way to the plane. He had many people after him, and slowly Kimmy disappeared with the crowd.

"Welcome to the Outback Airlines. We hope you enjoy your flight, Miss," the flight attendant said smiling. She returned a smile and tried to find her seat. She looked at her ticket, which read G14. She made her way past some passengers and found her seat along with the man who she was looking for.

She stared at Kody who was seemed to be lost in thought. His golden hair gleamed as the sun shined onto him through the window. She paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

She turned to Kody and said, "I guess I will be sitting next to you…" He simply nodded and didn't even look back at her. She gathered her thoughts and tried to figure out how to form the words she wished to say. She turned back towards Kody and decided to say exactly what was on her mind.

"Listen, Kody…" she began. He turned around and his face showed that he was confused. He paused as he was trying to make sense of everything.

"How- what are you doing here?" he asked, still confused.

"I have something to tell you. Something I feel is important," her voice began to shake with each word she spoke.

He paused and asked, "What is it? What's wrong…Violet?"