Raenglaer- Wandering Song
It is Spring in Minas Tirith

The snow begins to melt

A smile is on every face

The laughter is heart-felt.

As the Anduin rolls by,

To where the sea does lie.

It is Summer in Ithilien-

The green fields shimmer in the sun

Men sweat as they harvest grain

The work must still be done.

And the Anduin rolls sea-ward

Past the joyous green grass-sward.

It is Autumn in Pelargir-

As the leaves begin to fall

The ships turn ever home-ward

Their masts and spars so tall.

And the Anduin is rolling

As the bells begin a-tolling.

It is Winter in Osgiliath-

Snow falls on ruined stone

The city is laid open

Bare as whitened bone.

And the Anduin is weeping

And the wind is ever sighing.