Written by Neni

I was born blind
With a smile on my face
Many people looked at me
And stared at disgrace
I failed in the start
A crime to commit
Then I just kept going wrong
And never ended it
All the pain increased
More people lost blood
I lost all the people
I ever truly loved
All lost in vain
And that's how my whole life took shape
Please can't you see
Time is running short
And my mind is going thin
I might be going crazy
Having to deal with all this
The weight getting heavier
My shoulder cracking underneath
I can't take this pressure
Yet I can't stop fighting me

Gelinka spread his fingers before closing them into a fist. This was the moment he was waiting for; since being Beta and living in seclusion inside a thought, he was ready to unleash so much repressed anger.

"Let the world bow to me. I am the Supreme Being. Nothing can stop me. Neither can you Rei." Gelinka assured her as he lifted his hand.

"I'm not afraid of anything you can throw at me. I'll just throw it right back." Rei said to him.

"I'm going to eradicate you and this planet. Then I can become immortal before using the energy of the cradles to move across the universe until I find another world just like this. After that I'll conquer until the cosmos is mine." Gelinka raised his right hand before a cloud of dark energy just like the Cosmos Cradle began to build. "Then let our struggle begin!"

Final Chapter

"To the end, Reina—"

Blood Stained Rose

Gelinka only bent forwards before flying at high speed to the ground. His movement was so fast that Rei didn't even see him move through the air; all she saw was his body strike the ground. The two were ready to fight already. Rei came forwards before swinging her blade ahead. Gelinka's trench coat turned black before he lifted his hand and stopped the attack. A smirk popped up on his face then he threw his hand to the side. Rei's sword went with it while he only stared back.

"Give me your best shot." Gelinka said to her.

With that he lifted his hand before sprouting a blade from it. The sword was black while small symbols remained etched into it. Rei activated her blue form and went forwards with her strikes. The two connected before entering into a high speed sword battle. The fast movements caused wind to spray through the area around them. Gelinka mastered each of her techniques she used. After a few seconds of fighting with her, he jumped back and held the blade vertically downwards. Rei kept her katana up before seeing Gelinka's blade begin to glow white. She froze before having to run to her right to get away from this attack. A cloud of energy balls fired from Gelinka's sword and began to fire in a cluster. Luckily enough Rei had gotten away because once the shots fired, they ripped through the city ahead.

Every building in the way was torn apart along with the people inside of it. By the time the attack went through each of the structures were just down to their frame. Gelinka held his sword down before turning his head and seeing Rei come down with her katana. She got one clear strike to the back of his neck, but nothing happened. It stopped in place, leaving her in shock.

"I don't think I quite demonstrated my powers clearly." Gelinka told her before lifting up his blade.

Rei continuously threw her sword forwards to make as many hits as she could. By the time Gelinka lifted his blade he elbowed her away. The single strike drained her before sending her weakened body flying backwards. Rei struck the ground hard. Before she could even move to retaliate, Gelinka lifted himself up into the air before spinning his sword around to his back. It held in place while his hands moved around to find the pillar holding this piece of the hanging city up. Rei finally stood before taking her last breath to get in focus.

"He's too strong." She told herself before grabbing the blade again.

Gelinka's hair began to rise up as his hands went to his side. A white aura began to surround him just when the energy inside him began to build up. Once his hands came forwards a white beam of light shot from them before getting wider and tearing apart the ground. Rei felt the shockwave strike with its monstrous force. After the beam cleared, the sky above her became inverted. Soon she realized that the platform of city streets she was standing on began to collapse. Her body flew upwards away from the ground before bringing her into a massive free fall. Debris composed of people and many items began to fall with her towards the long drop to flat valley ground below. In a panic she managed to grab onto the ledge of a building near the end of the platform. Though she was safe, it felt like her ears began to bleed as the thousands of civilians dropped to their deaths below.

It was genocide. Gelinka didn't care about any of them. Right now she was clear that he was just toying with her, but sooner or later it would be over. The platform which was miles in length hung by the millions of metal beams just minutes away from snapping. After the debris fell, she climbed up onto the building and busted her way inside. Gelinka approached her from the outside with his hands upwards. They began to glow white, so it was her cue to get moving. She jumped up through the building which was hanging sideways at the moment. The first door was slashed through, and sadly enough there were still people on the inside still alive, but in pain. Gelinka began to fire a burst of high powered energy beams into the building before flying upwards and demolishing the building. Rei continued to jump upwards while the rest of the structure beneath her began to fall apart.

After reaching the end of the first, she made her leap towards the next building in the way. After getting inside she saw Gelinka coming down at her with his blade. The two locked before separating and jumping upwards. In a free flight they began to attack again. Rei was quick with blocking his attacks, so at the moment the adrenaline was helping. The two came up through the structure before landing on a hallway. Gelinka spun his sword around before lifting it up. Rei came in with one over head strike that pushed him backwards.

"Excellent! You're really fighting now!" Gelinka exclaimed.

Rei pushed him off and came in with a jump. She ended up drop kicking him so hard that it sent him towards the edge of the hall. Since they were fighting on the walls, the plaster didn't stop Gelinka from going through. He flew down through the middle of a room before beginning to hover. Rei stared at the wall below and then backed away as her opponent came up through it with his sword. His spinning attack was dodged, but it didn't really matter to him. Rei came forwards with her katana and struck. The sword phased through Gelinka as his body began to fade. After stumbling ahead she looked out the window only to see him holding up his hands for another attack.

"Not again!" Rei yelled out.

She cut her way upwards through the building in desperation. Gelinka was powering up a large ball of light from in between his fists while taking aim.

"Hellebore!" he screamed instinctively.

A small yellow ball of light shot from his fists before hitting the top of the building. Rei escaped it just when she looked down to see the light from this atomic based attacked. The explosion tore apart the platform before sending more debris downwards. Its shockwave only shot Rei further upwards, but she still caught her balance before jumping upwards. Gelinka lowered his fists whilst still hovering when he looked up. Still detecting her energy, he flew up to go after her. Rei continued to leap through the buildings without stopping. After seeing her opponent fly up past her she got skeptical. Using all of this energy in her blue mode was beginning to get to her, but it was time to bite the bullet and keep going.

Gelinka looked at the platform as it hung onto the metal bars up ahead. He only then lifted his right hand before firing a shot into a building. The single energy attack struck before causing the building to collapse and fall down towards the next. It crumbled and just caused extra baggage to the next one in line. So to get past this he fired multiple shots at the building ahead only to get the same result. All of the structures fell and built up before collapsing in a free fall onto the line of buildings. Rei came out of the next one before seeing a black cloud of smoke and debris coming towards her. It ripped through each of the buildings in line, and it was going to be hell getting through. Using what energy she had left inside her she began to focus on the same attack she once performed whilst fighting Alpha days earlier. It was strong enough to disable him, now she hoped it would be enough to get through this obstacle.

A blue vortex surrounded her before she took her chances and jumped upwards. The debris came down while only gaining more mass. Rei's body resembled a blue comet as she continued her jump upwards. With her sword ready, she began to swing it as fast as possible whilst destroying the debris in her way. Gelinka looked down with an angry look on his face as his opponent tore through his obstacle. Rei darted past him and then continued slashing through the buildings. Only laughing, Gelinka flew after her before drawing his sword to finish this. He reached the metal beams holding up the platform and then did a simple swipe through the air. In return an invisible wave of power cut the beams before leaving the platform to collapse. Rei smashed through the last building and made her leap to get back onto another available chunk of the city.

Looking back she watched the ground thousands of feet below build up with smoke after the platform struck it. Gelinka stared at her before soaring down to continue battling. Rei changed to her black form in order to give herself a rest. That last scenario was pure hell; she couldn't even comprehend going through it again. The one thing that caught her eye was the dark mist of a newly building Cosmos Cradle started to grow over the power plant. It hadn't collapsed with the platform, but Rei knew that Gelinka was too dependent on it. Just as she thought of it, Gelinka flew in with his sword up over his head. He brought it down while she only leapt away. The power of it striking sent out a shock that demolished the platform beneath her. The two leveled out and landed on the ground before turning to look at the new cradle.

"My creation. It's all the power I'll need. I'll make sure you get to die last so once again you can watch everything all around you crumble." Gelinka promised her.

"Everything I've cared for is gone, you don't understand that Gelinka. I'm prepared to end this all right here." Rei said back.

Gelinka's shoulders became broad as he ran towards her. Rei prepared for his next strike without taking any of the measures needed on stopping him. The two connected blades once more before standing away. She took initiative and got a hit directly to his face. The blade cut through while his head just leaned downwards. Blood began to drip from the wound, but he only turned back to her while the damaged area began to glow. It showed a grid like pattern before regenerating back to normal.

"You are scum." Gelinka said to her again.

The dark mist from the cradle began to spread out and circulate past them. Gelinka ran towards her to strike again. His blade missed, but the shockwave knocked her back towards the mist where she was engulfed. A great source of life energy began to flow into her veins all at once without any warning.

"This is your fight Rei, go get her back." Shugo's voice called out through the mist.

Rei stood up and lifted her sword to continue the struggle. Gelinka spun his blade into the ground before lifting up his hands and forming them into fists. The dark mist constricted her limbs while leaving her opponent open for an attack.

"This is my energy. You have nowhere left to roam. There's nowhere left for you to go." Gelinka told her as his voice became lighter.

Rei didn't move. She was confident right now that the fight was still in her favor. All of her energy began to build up while the dark mist held her in place. Gelinka's fists locked together before charging up another hellebore. The golden streak of lightning shined from his fists while Rei began to focus. She had to remember that energy that once went through her when fighting Orion.

"Reina." Yuki's voice called out, but it came through Gelinka's lips.

Gelinka had enough energy charged, so he prepared to attack while Rei broke free of the mist before letting out all of her energy built up. The power from the Cradle began to charge into her, and this in return caused her cloak and hair to glow bright gold.

"Hellebore!" Gelinka yelled out before firing another blast.

Rei lifted her blade before blocking the attack and seeing two smaller balls of energy float around her. They faded out. Gelinka was in shock after seeing his attack cancel out.

"You can't have this power." Gelinka told her as he lifted his blade again. "Yuki, you are in my control. You can't make decisions for me."

Rei didn't bother to hear him argue, so she ran forwards before swinging towards him. Gelinka blocked the attack with his palm and flew upwards into the air. He took his sword with him while Rei just glared while planning her next attack. After he was far enough up, she jumped towards him with her sword out. In this state she had become just as fast as him. The two slammed their blades together and only pushed to get through. A golden spark of energy shot the two apart before they landed back on the ground. Gelinka laughed. She had nearly surpassed him, but despite this energy he wasn't that battered to just give up. Rei landed perfectly on the ground beneath her while her opponent flew back into the air with his hands out. The white aura built up again while Rei gained her flight abilities back. She went up while he fired energy shots downwards.

The first attack was successfully deflected and smacked towards a building in the distance. Gelinka fired a second only to see it fly directly back at him. He did a quick limbo dodge by leaning under it while Rei came up and punched him directly in the spine. The crushing force left him breathless before his opponent came around and kneed him further upwards towards the clouds. That was where the battle continued onwards. After they got into the cloud cover, Gelinka lost track of her before balancing out and charging up his energy blasts. He picked up on Rei's life source before firing a ball of energy directly towards it. The white ball shot towards the clouds and caused them to diverge before it went to the ground.

Rei's signal had shifted, so he turned before firing another shot with the same results. As she continued to warp around inside the clouds, Gelinka grew angrier. He lifted his hands and began to focus on all of the energy built up. Within seconds thousands of energy orbs like before flew in multiple directions and then towards the city below. A shockwave amongst the likes of anything produced earlier blasted up towards the clouds as the city below disappeared into ash. Gelinka ended his fire fight before searching around again for Rei's signal.

"Come out!" He yelled to her.

Rei came in above him with her foot before striking his head. The force knocked him back down towards the power plant below where he struck the ground and felt paralyzed. It was unclear whose end was in favor, but the two were certain that this fight would be over soon. Gelinka lifted himself off the ground with his energy before leveling out and separating his arms. The energy of the cradle began to build up around him to create a dark aura from the mist. Rei saw this before charging up her newly found energy to perform her ultimate attack one final time. As they began to charge, Orion was nearby and watching the situation. He himself didn't have the capability to fight, but he saw that the power plant was feeding this chaos.

"I must protect the city. These are the ones who killed Koji. I must fulfill my revenge." Orion told himself as he walked towards the power plant.

Gelinka and Rei built their energy before charging in with their blades out. The whole world seemed to shake in this standoff. Once the two connected, they found themselves in a struggle that would determine who won this fight. Rei tried to keep her energy focused while Gelinka only taunted her with his evil face. The ground below them began to crack while the sky above turned red.

"I will reign in the blood of the innocent. You will not be spared!" Gelinka hissed as he started to push her back.

He'd finally gained the winning edge while Orion moved towards the power plant. After getting close, he began to charge up all of his energy attack for one final move.

"I am Orion! This is my destiny!!!" Orion screamed out as he charged up.

His body exploded before tearing apart the power plant. The structure fell to the ground whilst all the collected power just drifted upwards into a mist before fading out. Gelinka's eyes went blood shot red as he felt a tremendous amount of power exit his body. Rei pushed forwards and snapped his blade in two before gashing him wide open. Before she could pull the katana out, her opponent quickly flashed back and became Yuki momentarily.

"Rei." Yuki said blankly before the sword left her body.

As Rei pulled her sword out, she felt cold while in disbelief that this was really happening to her. Yuki transformed back into Gelinka while Rei still was blank from this. Gelinka lifted the second half his sword as he felt all of his energy draining out. With a lunge, he shoved it forwards and impaled Rei's stomach before falling backwards through the city. Blood sprayed out while she gasped in agony. This wasn't the ending she hoped for, but after the blade left she watched her opponent fall back down towards the city below. Gelinka stopped in mid air just as he regained some power through what was left of the cradle. The aura around Rei faded away while her sword began to glow bright gold. Blood continuously poured from her wound, and she knew in minutes it was going to bring this fight to a screaming halt. After seeing Yuki again, she began to remember that this opponent was still her. Now it was a binary choice, kill Gelinka now and kill Yuki or let him go while he kills her and destroys the world.

"That monster!" Gelinka screamed out as the cosmos cradle energy began to drift away. "Hurry Reina, we must end this now! I've got bigger plans. If your lucky you just might die and then you'll be with your family again. I won't deny you of that pleasure!" Gelinka locked his fists together before taking aim again. "This time it won't fail!"

Rei closed her eyes as the choices went through her mind. The blood dripped out like her life that was soon following it, so she thought.

"Ok Yuki!" Rei cried out as she lifted her sword. Gelinka continued to charge his attack while looking upwards. "I love you!"

Gelinka powered up his attack while she charged downwards. After firing it towards her, she warped past it and this shocked him right off. Before his attack could even reach the clouds he felt her blade rip right through his torso. A massive amount of his energy went away with that. Next he felt her sword rip through his back before once again it went through his left arm. Rei swung around to his front before lifting her blade upwards into the air. Gelinka glared into her eyes before the katana ripped into his head with brute force. Every inch it traveled through felt like a lifetimes worth of pain. The sword ripped into his body next before Rei brought it down with her last bit of life. Gelinka stared up at her with a face that resembled the very many of the soldiers she had once killed.

His body pitched back while Rei's golden form seemed to fade away and to normal. She lowered her head before slowly falling to the ground. What little energy she had left saved her from suffering a massive fall to against the ground. The whole city around her had been demolished in the battle, but in the end she smiled because she had finally done it. Gelinka began to glow white before slamming head first against the rough dirt surface. After striking, Beta's body flew from the white apparition Gelinka had become while the apparition itself rolled on across the ground. Beta was mostly damaged from the remainder of Rei's furious combo that took out Gelinka.

"You've ruined me Rei!" Beta yelled out as he lifted up his right arm.

Rei started to walk towards him with her hand over the gushing wound. Beta's right arm turned into a barrel while at the same time pumping energy into it. This didn't stop her; she still continued to walk towards him while the glowing white barrel began to let out energy. As it all continued to build up he felt the golden aura the he felt while fighting Rei minutes earlier build up around him. As that happened, his right arm exploded into a ball of light while the rest of his body began to melt. Rei stared at him as his body lowered into a puddle of liquid.

"You've ruined me," Beta said to her as his head began to melt. "Reina."

She stared as the puddle began to deteriorate into nothing rather slowly. After looking up ahead, she saw Yuki's bloody corpse lying with all of the wounds the Gelinka took in before dying. Rei coughed up a glob of blood and suddenly remembered how bad she felt back up on that hill with Shugo.

"Oh no, Yuki! No! NO!" Rei cried out in denial before dropping to the ground. Yuki still bear the blank face with blood dripped down from her mouth. Rei lifted her up and held her close to her chest before sliding her legs outwards. Life was slipping away from her at the same moment. "Oh Yuki, no, don't die on me like this!" Rei began to cry out tears of agony while blood dripped from her mouth. This wasn't the way she wanted to end this battle or even her friendship with Yuki. "No Yuki, not like this! I'm sorry! I wouldn't have wanted it to be this way! Yuki, don't leave me! I'm tired of being alone; I don't want it this way. You're all I've ever wanted!" she cried again before breaking down.

After placing her head against Yuki's, everything began to fade to black while what remained of the world just went on. Mezrich was still alive through most of the battle, and he walked towards the area where he saw the two embracing each other. It wasn't the way he'd expect it to turn up, but after staring ahead he saw Rei smile. She kissed Yuki's lips before holding her body against hers as they leaned against a piece of debris. In seconds Rei would be dead and on the other side of life. And after thinking of the loved ones who suffered the same fate, she knew they'd be there… and she couldn't have been any happier.

The End

"All Apologies"

Performed by Nirvana

What else should I be?
All apologies
What else could I say?
Everyone is gay
What else could I write?
I don't have the right
What else should I be?
All apologies

In the sun, in the sun
I feel as one
In the sun, in the sun

I wish I was like you
Easily amused
Find my nest of salt
Everything's my fault
I'll take all the blame
Aqua seafoam shame
Sunburn freezer burn
Choking on the ashes of her enemy

In the sun, in the sun
I feel as one
In the sun, in the sun
Yeah Yeah Yeaheeyeah

All in all is all we are