One Hundred Million People

There's a boy who dreams of dragons

who doesn't speak my name

and I'm the one who

hides her head

so he can't read regret.

There's a woman who dreams of cigarettes

and only smiles

thanks to morphine

her new best friend

and I'm the one who

lies awake at night

missing her already

yet trying to ignore it.

Fifty thousand people smile

knowing it'll be okay


One hundred million people cry

themselves to sleep at night

waiting for a break.

This is sick

a little funny

and I think I'm going to faint.

There's a girl who hides her scars

underneath long sleeves

and I'm the one who

wishes she could've been there

to clean the blood away.

And then there are people

who laugh out loud

and the rest all hate them

because they're happy.

There's a man who wipes his tears away

and I'm the one who

can't even take

off the blindfold.

Fifty thousand people run

hoping to find their paradise


One hundred million people shun

a possibility

beyond their sacrifice

and this is kinda funny

and it's a little sick

and I'm the one

the only one

who will ever see the world the way

she does.

There's an artist who dreams of clouds. . .

-Broken Petals