thirty minutes of talk, twenty minutes of tears and
ten minutes of pouring my heart out to another who
cares (because i can't carry my burderns alone.)

(and she wants to carry them with me.)


author's note: another collection. i'm surprised at myself. the following pieces are rather short and i wrote them during my time at falls creek. if you don't know what falls creek is, it's a (mainly baptist) church camp located in davis, oklahoma. thousands and thousands flock each year during the months of june & july (there were probably 5,000 and/or more when i went the past week and about 7,000 when i went last year). it's amazing. i had an amazing, wonderful time there. i went june 26 - july 1. i'm extremely glad that i did this because i know that i've come back as a changed person and it makes me happy but i know i still suffer inside.

the title of this collection comes from song by jason elam called "infinite god." simple, yeah? well, he was the praise & worship leader (along with the lovely members of his band) and he's rather amazing. oh, for clarification, the 'she' mentioned is not the same person from my other pieces. 'she' is a completely different person.