these are the moments i treasure because for
just one week i can let everything out without
feeling b r o k e n (although that's how He wants
me) so i can find strength in Him (not in myself).

mold me, shape me, control me, let me breathe
You in and never let this die again (i'm sorry for
all the scars that i drew across my wrists without
thinking of You before i did any&everything).

and now i realize that i was (/am) perfect from
the very beginning (and again i'm sorry for not
seeing it in the first place when You tried so
hard to tell me but i just threw it ((and You))
away like it meant nothing to me). but now i
just want (/need) You to mean the world to me.


author's note: i wouldn't trade the week at falls creek for anything in the world. i'm ready for a miracle.