What exactly is he listening to,

As she cries herself to sleep.

He is waiting in the shadows,

Groping for life in the dust,

She's unaware of his presence...

The pendulum is swinging,

Wildly out of control...

And there she is,

The tears still falling,

And she's afraid.

She thinks she's alone,

Even as the glass is breaking,

The clock is shattering,

She'll just pull deeper into herself.

Still she doesn't know he's there.

He parts his lips to speak,

To comfort her.

But he doesn't.

Just like every other time.

His prayers are falling with each breath he takes,

And with every tear she loses.

He always hears her cry,

As the dusk begins to fall.

He's twisting through the lies.

Struggling not to choke on his words,

Even though they whisper back in his ears.

Silently, softly, she's bleeding.

The bed smeared in crimson,

Red droplets falling from her fingers onto the floor,

As she feels compelled to sleep,

And she bleeds,

In her dreams...

Those dreams become real—but still, she sleeps.

The tears are stopping,

The blood starting,

She's done nothing.

He feels bound.

Losing finality, and control...

From where does the blood come?

Bleeding in her dreams...

In the darkness.

He crawls along the floor,

Something inside is rising,

As she tosses in her sleep,

Numb to the blood seeping from the invisible cuts in her flesh...

All he can do,

Is not become nothing.

Her blood is streaming onto his face,

He can taste it on his lips.

Slowly, he stands,

He stares at her...

So long has he haunted her...

And she never knew.

Gently he brushes hair from her pale face.

A whisper falls from his lips,

He brushes his lips gently against hers,

"Let go of your pain..."

Her eyes snap open,

The red is gone...

She is alone.

But the words still ring in her ears,

Let go of your pain...

Drawing her arms around her knees,

She sits in the darkness.

Someone was there.