Let me love you, love me.

Let me love you;

Love me.

Your arms are always open

Put a burden on that weight

You'll love me through my ups and downs

Don't toss away that fate

I love you

I didn't mean to

And for once

I don't regret

I feel your reason in my head

They feel like the same ones we've fought

Let me love you;

Love me.

Don't say that look is nothing

Don't inaudibly look at your tea.

Tell me exactly what is wrong

Instead just you don't approve

I haven't acted out yet

I what I did I don't regret.

Let me love you;

Love me

You made me who I am today

A reason I am still alive

I question the world differently,

Through different sets of eyes

Don't make your decisions so rash

Learning is the key

So let me love you,

Love me

And I'll let you be.