So Much More / A Million Tears

Today I tore the plastic sequins off my heart
And spilt my true desires for the future on the cold tiles,
Exposing to you the concept
That my heart wants to fly away from this place
Of artificiality to answer the natural call of true beauty
It can faintly hear behind the brickwalls.

I showed you my heart's dream of feeling the real sun's warmth
Rising on it's face as it travels with so much determination
Over the sea that sparkles like no manufactured glitter ever could,
Eventually finding true happiness at the very top
Of a grand mountain which may be chilling to skin and bone,
But so flawless and warm to heart.

I also tied a heartstring around your finger
Symbolising the connection that we'll always have,
Offered a million of my tears as inspiration
To guide you through the cobwebs of emotions and thoughts
I sensed were developing within your localised mind and soul,
And whispered in a shaky voice to take your time.

Therefore, here I am tonight, feeling so frightened
As your blank expression fails to fade away from my view
And keeps reminds me of the moment that will make or break my heart,
However, throughout this whole ordeal, there's one certain positive;
That is, through my actions, you've heard the call I've always heard,
And that from now on, somehow, you'll understand so much more...

Authors Note: Another poem with the "You" referring to my mother. I got a bit teary writing this.