and is my favorite word
because it means there's something more
and someday the stop lights will all go red
and everyone will walk home
and children will hate video games and candy
and they'll take up art and saving the world
and the astronauts will fly to mars
and on their way they'll find hell
and we'll bury all the bombs in a big dark hole there
and earth girls will have grace and grace us with their presence
and jesus will come from the clouds
and surf down niagara falls and save california from the democrats
and he won't die this time, he'll just go forever
and forever
and the human race will come to terms with itself
and dogs will marry cats and apes will begin to speak
and what they'll say is that TV is bad for you
and that's why they don't watch it
and everyone will weigh two hundred fifty pounds
and we'll cut off our eyes and we'll hear everything said
and we'll kill babies before they have a chance to be dead
and life is just a dream