In the beginning God made the Earth. He made the land that grew the trees and the waves that lapped at the shores and the rain which ran down the mountains. He spun the world from his fingers and with his mighty breath he blew the air of his creation into motion. And thus was the Earth.

God watched the winds and the waves but he shook his head and said, "It doesn't move."

Then God made creatures with legs that could scurry across his soil and he made creatures with fins that could soar through his waters and creatures with wings that could soar through his skies. And he looked at his creation and he was pleased.

And God planted two trees. He called the first the Tree of Mortality and the second tree he did not name, and how he loved those trees.

And God lay above his creation and he watched it, but he never touched it, wouldn't touch it, couldn't touch it.

And he watched the animals around the bases of his two trees and he grew jealous. And so he made a fantastic garden all around the trees and this would be his garden.

And he would call it Eden.

Then God came down from heaven and he walked his garden and he said, "Here I shall live, and I shall live here, in my garden." And now he not only saw his creation, but he touched it too, and he was pleased.

Everyday he would walk this garden that he had made and though he was surrounded by his creatures, God grew lonely.

And so he decided that he would make himself a creature that could learn. And God knew that since he was not mortal he could love only as a father would and so he sat between his two trees and from the dirt he made not a woman, but a man, and he named him Adam.

Adam would walk with God everyday and they would talk about science and philosophy and mathematics and God taught Adam everything he knew, yet Adam was unhappy.

One day as God and Adam sat in the branches of the unnamed tree God said, "Adam, my brother, you are unhappy. I have taught you about the stars and the sun and the many moons and still I cannot make you smile. What is wrong?"

And Adam looked at God and said, "You have made me a man and I have given you company and still I am lonely. You cannot love and so you make me suffer as well. Brother, why are there no women? I want a wife."

And God grew angry at Adam and he plunged his hand inside of the man, breaking and removing a rib.

God said, "I will make you a woman from your pain and she will be your downfall."

Then from the rib he formed a woman who was innocent and beautiful and he presented her to her husband, bitterly wishing the two a happy life.

But God's anger amused Adam and taking the woman in his arms he laughed and said, "I shall call her Eve."

Adam would take Eve's hand and lead her down the paths of the garden and he pressed her hair and her hands and her eyelids to his lips and they were happy.

But God was lonely.

He watched Eve and he longed for her, but he never went to her for he knew that he did not love her the way her husband did.

But so dearly he wanted to love her.

One day as God sat high in the branches of the Tree of Mortality he watched the two lovers and he thought to himself; If I were only human. Then I could love her.

God waited until Eve was alone. He approached her slowly, bowing his head to her and then when he got closer he said, "I love you."

But Eve smiled and turned away from him and she said, "You are not human. You cannot love."

Again God grew angry and so he pulled from her and all the other animals the knowledge of what is right and wrong and from this knowledge he made a fruit. He fed the fruit to the unnamed tree and he called it the Tree of Knowledge.

Then he told Adam and Eve that they could eat any food in the garden that they wished, but they could not eat from his two trees, for they were his favorites.

He watched Adam and Eve as they walked together and he grew cold. There was one too many in God's Eden.

Again he went to Eve and he said, "I love you." But she kissed him on the cheek and said, "You must stop this. You are not human and you cannot love."

Then God grew furious and he ran through his garden until he came to the base of the Tree of Mortality. From its branches he pulled a pear and then he ate it.

Then God was just a man.

Again he went to Eve.

"I love you," he said and this time she did not turn away.

The sun in Eden had never shone so brightly and Eve with her husband and Eve with her God lived happily within the garden for many years.

But the animals withered without God's care and they talked together and they made a plan. There was a snake in God's Eden.

As Eve was bathing one day the snake approached her and he said, "Did God tell you not to eat any of the fruit in the garden?"

The woman answered the serpent, "We may eat any of the fruit in the garden, save the fruit of the two trees in the centre, lest we shall die."

The serpent said, "You certainly will not die! But your eyes shall be opened to good and evil and you shall be yourself like a deity, far more powerful than God because he partook of the fruit from the Tree of Mortality."

But Eve did not like the serpent and her trust in God was strong and so she sent the snake on his way.

Later, as she walked with Adam, she passed the Tree of Knowledge and Eve stopped to gaze upon the tree's fruit. She told her husband what the snake had said.

It glowed so red and Eve thought, I would like to be as a god.

Adam led her to the tree and each of them took an apple and bit into it.

Suddenly Adam and Eve felt ashamed of their naked bodies. They heard God walking through the garden and they hid from him.

"Where are you?" God called.

At his voice Adam fled, but Eve called back to him, "I am here and I am naked and I am ashamed."

And God replied, "Who told you that you were naked?" His own bare flesh glowed in the noon sun.

"I ate from the Tree of Knowledge," she confessed.

And then God was afraid and he took her out from behind the bushes and he said, "We can make clothes." She nodded and he continued, "Do not leave me; I have eaten from the Tree of Mortality for you and I am human and I love you."

But once again Eve turned from him, "I know now that this is adultery and this is a sin. I cannot see you anymore."

And God grew furious and he ran from her to the Tree of Mortality and he threw himself on the ground before its mighty trunk and he clawed desperately at its roots, breaking the bark and drinking the sap.

And God was no longer a man.

He rose up over Eden and he summoned Adam and Eve before him.

"You disobeyed me!" he cried.

"You lied to me," replied Eve. "You told me that I would die and I did not."

But God ignored her, "I want you to leave my garden."

Adam said, "Without the knowledge you locked in that tree how were we to know that it was wrong to disobey you?"

But God held up his mighty fist and bellowed "Silence!"

Eve cowered behind Adam.

"You will leave my garden," God said "And you will not return. And when you speak of your husband you must think of me for my name shall be both God and He."

Eve looked up at Him as He tested out the new name. He looked down upon her.

"And your children shall call me Father."

Adam took Eve's hand and they left.

God uprooted all but two trees in His garden and then He burned all but two trees in His garden. Then God found the serpent and He split it from top to bottom and hung it from the Tree of Mortality. Then he pulled every fruit from the tree and burned them, watching new fruit grow that could do nothing but feed. And he called it the Tree of Life so that He could never be human again.

Then God went back to heaven, leaving His garden in ruins.