Contract killer

A cold smile slid across his face, he sensed it, fear his target was in this building. He couldn't wait for the best part, when they begged for their lives asking, pleading, and praying that he wouldn't kill them. Ryan walked silently throught the halls carrying a suitcase full of his "Equipment", that's when he heard it the stilled breathing of a coward. He smirked, lightly dropped the suitcase and pulled out a silencer, he felt the door using his Lycan senses to find where the man was hiding. Ryan almost laughed when he felt him against the door; he held the silencer to where Ryan sensed his head was. He pulled the trigger and the bullet raced through the door and through the man's head. Blood splattered over the walls and he fell dead against the door. Ryan smiled. "I'm done." He opened the door and smirked at his work, blood was on the floor and the walls. Ryan stepped over the dead man and again opened his suitcase and looked at his files. He took out a pencil and 'x' off a name. "James Gregor." He stood and walked to the back wall that had a small bullet hole in it; He stuck his gloved finger in the hole and pulled out a bullet.

He stepped over the dead body again; he walked through the building and he pulled out a lighter pulling out of his suitcase new sneaker and clothes. He pulled off his red dress shirt showing he well muscled chest, He threw the shirt down and took off his black boots. With new clothes on he stood outside the building and set the clothes on fire erasing any evidence of ever being there. He walked down the empty streets, the sun lightly showing over the horizon. He made to his large house that sat a tall hill, Gardeners walked through his lawn mowing and cutting hedges. He sighed and hopped up the large number of stairs, he kicked open the door and yelled "Hey Asshole you in here yet?" A tall lanky man looked over the side of the railing. "Oh Hey there Ry." He slowly walked down the stairs his short red hair covering his violet eyes; He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and smiled "So did you finish the mission?" Ryan nodded as they both walked into the living room; Ryan sat down on the large couch and sighed "I only got one more person left." The man sat across from him. "And who is that?" Ryan rubbed his temples and glanced at the man. Kenneth Darwin his best friend for years smiled at Ryan, despite his calm, friendly appearance he was a cold blood killer just like him. "Vincent Clove"

Carly sat in her room scared out of her mind, gunshot rung through the house. She wasn't an easily fazed girl but she knew when it was okay to be scared. Carly Clove, a tough girl, daughter of corrupt politician Vincent Clove. She flinched every time she heard a gun go off, she hopped of her bed and opened a brown chest. In it held a revolver that her father gave her, she wouldn't take this laying down. As soon as she touch the doorknob the door flew open and blue met hazel, Their eyes locked and she wanted to move but her feet wouldn't listen. He looked down at her and he was stunned her beautiful hazel eyes called to him, blood dripped down his face and she cautiously backed away. She knew he was the one that was killing everyone but she couldn't move, or even speak. He caught her wrist and pulled her against him, her heart jumped to her throat. He looked down into her hazel eyes and whispered in her ear "I'd get out of here if you want to live." He let go of her wrist and back away from her, he cocked his gun and walked away.

Carly stood there stunned, her mind refused to let her move; Ryan walked through the empty hallways. He stopped at what looked to be like the study, he busted the door down and held his gun at ready position. Ryan moved silently through the room and he heard someone crying; He looked in the closet and saw a man cowering in the corner. "Vincent Clove." The man nodded and looked up into Ryan's cold blue eyes. "I've come to deliver the ominous." Vincent's eyes grew wide and braced himself for a bullet. A gunshot rung through the room and both men turned around to see Carly holding the gun up to the ceiling. "Stay away from my dad." She pointed the gun at Ryan and he smirked, He walked up to her and grabbed her wrist. "Look girl, I told you to leave." She glared at him "I don't have to listen to you." He gripped on her wrist tighter and whispered harshly "You aren't the one who needs to die he is." She looked at her father "He's corrupt and he deserves everything that's coming to him." Carly shook her head "He can change; killing him will do nothing good." Ryan sighed "Well who said I was doing good." He turned around and pointed the gun at her father. "I'd suggest you leave unless you wanna see him die."

His cold voice made her shiver but she steadied her gun at his leg "You shoot him and I'll shoot you." He gave an exasperated sigh "Look girl! I'm sick of your bullshit, Now am I gonna have to kill you too." She froze and lowered her gun. "That's what I thought." She was beyond pissed now, she wasn't gonna let some punk killer tell her what to do. "I will shoot." In a flash he disappeared and was behind her. "You intrigue me human, and your scent." He nuzzled his nose into her hair "Its wonderful, I don't want to kill you." He took his pistol and slammed it onto her pressure point between her neck and shoulder. She fell onto the floor unconscious and Ryan stepped over her. "Now that's taken care of." He pointed the gun under the man's chin. Ryan was going to pull the trigger but his cell phone rang. "WHAT!!" "Well someone is in a pissy mood." Ryan sighed "What is it Ken?" "The police are heading your way get out of there." Ryan froze "I can't leave though they saw my face." Kenshin sighed. "Take them with you." Ryan nodded and hung up; He knocked out her father and grabbed him and Carly. He sighed and jumped out the window onto Kenneth's car. "Dude! Watch the car!" Ryan frowned and placed them into the car, He sat in the front seat while Vincent and his daughter were dead asleep in the back.

Kenneth bolted out of the parking lot and drove down the highway, he sighed "You were supposed to kill the motherfucker." Ryan glared at him "I was going to until you stupid ass called!" Kenneth gripped the steering wheel tight and laughed. "Well thanks to that stupid ass phone call you weren't caught!" Carly started to move around and she shot up in her seat. "Dad!" She looked around and noticed that she was in a car, a moving car, a car with the killer. She opened her mouth to scream but Ryan spoke up without turning around to see her. "You scream and I will knock you out again." She raised an eyebrow, 'how did he know that I was gonna scream?' she tried it again to see if it was just if it was a fluke. "I told you if you scream I'll knock you out." He turned around and his blue eyes locked onto her hazel ones.

"I don't wanna have to do that again." "Where's my father?!" Ryan pointed next to her and she looked to see her father hunched over and very dead looking, she screamed. "I'm sitting next to my dead dad!!!" Ryan's sensitive ears couldn't handle her screaming so he covered her mouth with the only thing not bloody, his mouth. Carly froze and Ryan pulled back. "I told you not to scream, He's not dead he's knocked out." Carly nodded and quietly sat back in her seat. 'Why did he kiss me?' Ryan slowly turned around and looked at Kenneth, Who was grinning ear to ear. "What?!" Kenneth laughed "So what was that all about?" He gave a quick glance toward Carly and smiled. "What is what all about?!" Kenneth laughed "Aw is some one dumbfounded?" Ryan growled. "Chill wolf man I'm just playing." Ryan sat back in his seat. "Nothing is going is on I just had to shut her up." Kenneth knew when is friend was lying but he pretend to believe him "Okay, Hi there young lady my name is Kenneth what's your name?"She raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"My name is IFYOUDON'TLETMEANDMYFATHEROUTTHISCARI'LLKICKYOURASS!" Kenneth laughed "So you're Spanish eh? Looks like it with a long ass name like that." Ryan chuckled as he looked out the window; they were heading to their out-of-state house. They finally made it to the cabin that was placed amongst tall trees, Ryan stepped out of car and opened Carly's door. "Get out." She glared at him, and got out the car. Ryan grabbed her father and put him over his shoulder, Carly watched as he carried her father with no struggle at all. 'What is he?' Kenneth grabbed Carly's shoulder; she screamed and flipped him over.

Kenneth coughed as he hit the ground "Damn, girl I was trying to ask if you wanted some food." She laughed "Your asking me your hostage if I'm hungry." Kenneth stood up and dusted himself off. "Well your not a hostage, your father is, Ryan just wanted to keep you." He winked and laughed, Ryan yelled. "I heard that you asshole!" Kenneth laughed even more, He extended his hand again. "My name is Kenneth but that bastard and others call me Kenny or Ken, What's your lovely name?" She held back a smile and took his hand. "Carly, I really don't have a good nickname." Kenneth smiled and they walked into the cabin. "I'm sure bastard will give you one." Ryan glared at him "Hey Ken, where's the duct tape?" Kenneth pointed to the car and Ryan brushed past Carly. She watched him walk away, and forcefully open the car. "Is he always this on edge?" Kenneth laughed. "Nah, he's just a little flustered, and plus he wants to be the tough guy."

Carly nodded, Ryan came back with the duct tape. He walked over to her father and tied him to a chair, He looked at Carly. "What you wanna be tied up too?" Kenneth laughed "Oh come now Ryan be nice, she a guest." Ryan growled and went into his bed room and slammed the door. "He's a bastard." Kenneth nodded. "Why do you think I call him that?" Ryan yelled. "I can hear you mother fuckers!" Carly glanced to the door and back at Kenneth. "How can hear us?" Kenneth sat on the couch and put his feet on the table. "He's a demon." She sat next to him and raised an eyebrow. "You mean sex wise or DNA wise?" He laughed. "Oh so you thought about sex with him?" She hit him upside his head, and blushed. She turned her head and coughed "No I haven't." Kenneth smirked. "Okay whatever you say." Carly glared at him and got off the couch; she walked into the kitchen and smiled at the pictures on the fridge. There was one with what looked to be like Ryan and Kenneth standing shoulder to shoulder in Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses, they had large smiles and looked like they were having a blast. She looked at another one where Ryan was in a military uniform and had a shotgun slung over his shoulder. She looked back to Kenneth and yelled

"Hey was Ryan in the military?" Kenneth walked over to her and he nodded. "Yup, he was in the Air Force." She looked back at the pictures and there was one of two kids holding fake guns with big smiles on their face. One boy had short black hair and was pointing the gun upward to the sky; the other boy had curly dark brown hair and was pointing the gun at the other boys head. "Hey is that you and Ryan?" Kenneth walked over to her and laughed "No that kid doesn't even have red hair." "I thought maybe that's not your real hair color." Kenneth looked down at her in shock. "My hair is natural red!" "Sorry, so who is it then." "It's Ryan and his brother," He sighed. "Justin, he's well not on good terms with Ryan right now." "Because he's a backstabber." They turned around to see Ryan holding a beer and the remote. Carly gave half-smile, Ryan went back into the living room; Kenneth sighed and opened the fridge. "So Carly want anything to eat, we got tacos, old pizza uhh rotten apples." Carly's eyebrow twitched. "Don't you have anything edible?" Kenneth laughed and called out to Ryan. "Hey bastard you know where we can get some food." Ryan sighed. "Down the road, why don't you go?"

Kenneth walked into the living room, he smirked. "Why want to be alone with Carlyyy?" Ryan glared at Ken. "No I'm too fucking lazy to get up and get fucking food." "Alright, alright calm the fuck down, jeez I was just jokin'." Kenneth looked out the window, and sighed "Dammit, its raining." He grabbed his coat and looked at Carly. "If he says anything mean use this." He handed he a small squirt gun. "A squirt gun?" "Yeah he hates cold water and getting shot in the face." She laughed and put the squirt gun into her pocket; Kenneth waved a goodbye and walked out into the poring rain. "I didn't tell him," "Tell him what?" "That it takes three days to get there." She whirled around. "What!" He laughed, and walked into his room and slammed the door.