Chapter 3

Carly smiled to herself as she fell deeper into her comfortable slumber, she began to dream and it started out simple. She and Ryan were sitting on a park bench together, no longer was she worried about if he would kill her or her father. They both sat there content with each others company, Ryan sat the but quickly the scene changed and they were in bed together. Outside of the dream her arms roamed his chest; Ryan groaned a little bit and yawned; His fangs slightly hanging out of his sleepy mouth. He noticed that Carly's hands were caressing his chest, he turned slightly and sniffed lightly. It seemed to him that she was awake; in dream land with Carly she was now kissing his cheek and he was moving his large hands across her back. Ryan pulled off her shirt and his rough hands slid against his bare skin, she kissed his neck and mostly everywhere. Again Ryan sniffed to see if maybe she was tricking him but all he smelled was her arousal, He placed his forehead on hers and sighed; Carly leaned in and kissed his cheek which threw Ryan off. His breath quicken and Carly rolled on top of him at the same time as she did in her dream, she kissed his chest and everywhere with in reach to her. Ryan finally gave in he wanted her and it seemed to him that she wanted him. He pulled her close and his lips met hers, Carly's eyes shot open as she felt something warm and soft upon her lips.

"Ah!" Ryan pulled away from her and looked into her eyes and tilted his head. "What are you doing?!" Ryan was confused just a few seconds ago this woman was feeling him up and kissing him everywhere. "What do you mean? Woman you were just groping me!" Carly blushed and at up, she didn't noticed that she was still straddled above him. "But...I least I thought I was..." She paused and looked down at there current positions and her blush deepened. "What?" She looked at Ryan's confused eyes and she spoke again. "I was dreaming...I didn't know that we...I woke up when you kissed me...I."

Carly paused and her face turned completely red, Ryan sat up and held himself up with his hands. "What?" She turned away from him and placed a hand on her lips. "You kissed me." She turned around and she wore a shy look on her face. " were asleep!" Ryan slid out from under her and hopped out of bed. "Damn!" He punched the closet wall and pressed his forehead against it. "I thought that you wanted..." He chuckled to himself but she heard the grind of his teeth. "...How could I have been that stupid!" Carly got off the bed and slowly walked up behind him, she placed her hands on his back. "Ryan...its ok..." She felt the tense shoulder muscles in his back, "Its not ok...Carly..." He turned around slowly, she looked down at her and she looked into his eyes which held pain. "I...I did something I shouldn't have..." He slightly turned away but he stood his ground. "...I thought that you wanted I want you.." Carly was silent, she tried to read his eyes but all she saw was the hurt and sadness that filtered through his eyes. "Ryan. I..." He turned away and started toward his bed, he'd just sleep in the living room. " don't have to worry about it...I'll just sleep in the living have my respect already. And more..."

Before he reached the bed Carly grabbed his arm and turned Ryan towards her, she stood on her tiptoes and stood fully pressed against him. Her hands went automatically to his strong shoulder and she kissed him softly, she pulled away slowly and wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in her ear. "..I want you too Ryan..." She hugged him and whispered again. "Please don't leave." Ryan stood there silently, taking everything she said in then he slowly nodded. "I'll stay." He pulled back and kissed her gently, Carly pushed him backward on the bed and her hands went to his chest. The back of his knees were against the bed and he slowly pulled away, "Are you sure you want me to stay...I mean I don't think I can hold back. I want you..." She placed a finger over his lips and laughed. "Then don't hold back, I want you to stay...I want you."

Ryan kissed her neck and he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Carly with him. She straddled his lap and her hand roamed all over his body, his lips moved to her ear which he gently sucked on. Carly moaned, making her hip twitch on his lap; Ryan pulled away and pulled off her shirt and saw that she was still wearing her bra. He raised an eyebrow, "You wear that to sleep?" She blushed. "I forgot." His low laugh warmed her heart and he automatically went to take off her bra. He sucked on her breasts, Carly moaned and grinded her hips against his now hard cock. Carly pushed him down gently kissing him as she lay down on top of him. They moved their way to the middle of the bed and he gently flipped her over, "Are you sure you want this?" She gave him a look of 'are you serious' she gave him a slight smile and nodded. "Yeah I'm sure." Ryan grinned and put his legs in between hers, she pulled him down on top of her and kissed him. Her tongue ran along his bottom lip and he slightly opened his mouth, she ran her tongue over his teeth which she realized were really sharp. She made a mental note that she had to be careful around those; Ryan's hands went to her shorts and placed his thumbs under the waistband.

His thumbs traced small circles on her soft skin causing her to twitch in pleasure, His hardness pressed against her stomach as he hovered over her. Carly pulled down his boxer and grabbed on his cock, he groaned and grinned. "Bold are we." Her small hand hardly fit around it and she smirked, "You're so big, mmm I wonder if you'll fit?" She stroked him up and down causing him to moan above her. He pulled off her shorts and her panties leave them both naked. Ryan used his knee to part her legs, and he grinned "Oh I'll fit. You just have to be wet enough." Licking his lips before she could realize it his index finger was slowly sliding inside of her. The sheer feel of his large finger slowly fill her almost completely, he didn't move his finger that much because he saw the look of pain on her face. She was so tight that could only mean that she never made love or even pleased herself for that matter. He pumped his finger slowly in and out of her, slowly stretching her and getting her wet and ready for him. The slight pain was now gone and Carly moaned lightly, arching her back every time his finger moved over her 'spot'.

His finger moved faster inside of her, her moans grew louder and her hands went to his fore-arms. She gripped them slightly pushing him deeper, Ryan grinned at this and pushed in further. "Oh damn, your in so deep." Carly tossed her head back and moaned. He pulled his finger out and looked at his finger; covered in her slick wet juices. He licked it off of his finger and smirked, She smiled at him and she moved her legs wider, he grinned and slowly slid in between her legs. A slow smile crawled along his face and it softened his feature, he leaned down over her and whispered. "Ready?" She nodded and almost got to say yes but the swift movement of his hips cut her off, and replaced it with a moan. He pushed in and out of her slowly and she moved her hips to meet his, both grinning and groan from the sheer pleasure of it.

The tension began to build in their stomachs causing them to move at a faster pace; Ryan lifted her legs and held them with his large hand. "Oh Ryan!" He thrusted frantically and felt Carly tighten up around him. He thrusted on last time before Carly came and brought him also to his climax. He placed both hands on either side of her and smiled sleepily, Carly giggled and her eyes began to close. Ryan kissed her forehead and whispered, "I think someone's tired. He pulled out of her and used a towel to clean both of the up and she turned on her side and sighed. "Night Ryan." He smiled, and hugged her from behind. "No more middle of the night groping unless you want to be screwed senselessly." Carly smiled to herself and nodded.