So the sun has gone down,

The silence of music runs around the room,

It skips past the posters,

And dances into my head.

The world is in a haze,

Spinning, spinning along with the music.

All I can think about is that I need to lie down…

And everything goes black.

Circles pounce on others under my eyelids,

I guess the heat was a little too hard on me,

The music pounds through my head,

The music of silence.

The light bulb laughs at me through the brightness,

I get up again,

Only to be pushed back down seconds later

By my own hard drive,

Shutting me down once again.

The air grows cold,

But I'm burning hot.

The fever creeps up my back

And Attacks my head with a boom.

I sit there for a few moments

Until I realize that the bed is a few feet away.

I wrap the sheets around my warm body

and fall into a deep, deep sleep.