READ Disclaimer FIRST: This is a concept story, feed back from reader's is appreciated. I don't really know where this is going, it came out from a dream I had so any help is welcomed! This story relating to anything else is entirly conincidental. Author ignorant of anything that may relate to this in anyway-shape-or-form.

Italics--Maki's thoughts


Fairy tales were meant to dazzle small children, they were meant to stay just fairy tales. There not supposed to come true… Myths are not supposed to come out from the shadows and strangle the nearest passerby…

What fairy tale am I from?…


The docks were barren and dark, save for one person. She was wet, cold, and half naked as she pulled herself out of the icy waters of the harbor and onto the platform. She took a welcoming gasp of air before her entire body shook. She felt empty of all energy.

Why can't I warm up like before?

There was a whistle above her. She squinted through her half closed eyes to see the blurry form of a man… and five others behind him. if she could fully see their faces, she would know they were leering.

"What a sight that is." Someone joked.

"Bring her with us." Another voice reached her before she was half dragged into an abandoned warehouse. It was no warmer in there and dimly light by electric lights. No use in those.

"She looks half dead."

"She's alive. She's breathing, see?"

"What do you plan to do with her, boss?" there was a silence, then snickering from the group. Someone's hurried steps broke up the sounds of their laughter.

"Jesus! Look at her! You could at least wrap her up…" a warm hand on her face. Warm… "She's so cold." Whoever was hovering just above her with their hand on her cheek—their face was becoming clearer to her. It was a man, dark hair and tanned skin with green eyes behind glasses. He was looking straight at her, then his gaze turned to her arm. His eyes went wide. "Do you even know what you just brought in?"

"A half naked woman, that's what." Laughter.

"No! you brought in a being dangerous and thought to be extinct!"

"What the hell does that mean?" this voice had authority. This one was their leader. The green eyed one turned his gaze back to her. A mixture of pity and wary curiosity in his eyes.

"She's an Elemental Caster… of fire."

"How the hell do you know that?"

"She has a marking on her arm. It looks like flames… see?"

"So we got a girl that can play with fire without getting burned, so what? She's barely conscious."

"She's a danger to us; Elemental Caster's were known for short tempers. Aggravate her even in this state and she can do you damage!"

"It may just be a tattoo, besides, they were all destroyed." A different voice pointed out.

"These marking's can't be duplicated… you don't even know how powerful she is! She could've evolved into a Changeling! That's ten times as bad!" someone light a match for their cigarette. Flame…

"One can subdue an animal with the right tools…" the authoritive figure was getting closer to her. He had the flame…

"I wouldn't…" the green eyed man's boss just smiled and lower himself to the half conscious girl's face. He blew his smoke in her face.

"You gonna burn me girl?"

Flame… so bright and…warm…

"Well?" the flame of his cigarette called to her like the blood pumping heart to a vampire. She breathed in and the flame got a little brighter. The man began to fondle her left breast. "Told you she's no threat." Again she breathed, again it got brighter. "Right girl?" The flame of his cigarette exploded in his face. The man cried out and put his hands to his face. His men went into a shocked panic. The flame from his cigarette still burned just before the girl laying on the ground until it engulfed her. She became a burning mass.

The fire… warm… I'm healing…

The girl stood up, her body still burning. She had newfound energy and power flowing within her now… and something else. Her body changed, she could feel her bones growing and spreading; her skin stretching and her face changing. In a blind fury she massacred them all. Burning and charring their bodies and bones…

But the green eyed man…

"Don't hurt me…" he pleaded calmly, staring at her in a horrified awe. She stretched out her clawed hand to him.

"You know things about me… help me… please…" she called to him in a quiet voice and he took her hand without thinking. She smiled and firmly gripped his hands in hers and pulled him against her. She stretched her newly formed wings and broke through a large window with the green eyed man clinging to her. She flew them, blindly, into the night to find a safe haven.