'What a beautiful moon!" Seiki thought as he walked down the street, two bags dangling from his hands. Living out in the country, the market was close to five miles away, but that was okay. Tonight was a rare night, it was the harvest moon AND an eclipse. It was one beautiful sight. Seiki didn't mind the long walks simply because he loved walking.

"...And the moon was a ghostly gallon, to rise upon the trees, and the pawn was a ribbon of moonlight, more than a perfect moon, and the highway man came riding, riding…" Seiki sang under his breathe in a perfect Irish accent, even if he did jumbled the words. Grinning like a fool and laughing at his own antics, he decided to run the last mile or so home.

The night air was a bit chilly, so the running helped him keep warm. Finally he could see the house in view. Car lights momentarily blinded him, causing him to raise his arm to cover his eyes.

"Seiki Heitai?" a voice called out; it was then Seiki noticed it was a police officer's car.

"Yes sir?" Seiki asked.

"There is a curfew in effect, there have been several sightings of large dogs running wild attacking people. Your mother called us and asked us to come and pick you up. Get in," The officer ordered.

"Yes sir," Seiki, the law abiding, straight A student, cool kid he was, got into the back of the car. He thought he heard the man grumbled about stupid kids as he moved to get into the car, but then he froze. Concerned, Seiki moved to open the door, but found he couldn't. Suddenly glass went flying as something big and brown crashed through the back windshield and landed next to him in the car. That something latched onto his arm and bit, hard. The officer managed to shoot the beast before it dragged Seiki through the new door, slicing his back, arms, and legs all to hell. Now, on his stomach and being dragged on the ground, Seiki fought to get his mangled arm back.

The wound must have been too much for the poor beast because with one last lurch forward, it fell to the ground, dead. Body screaming in agony and too shocked to do anything more than to lay there in his own blood, Seiki slowly passed out from blood loss…

Voices, low and concerned whispered just out of hearing. Hands glided over him, but when he reached out to stop them, found they were gone. His eyes wouldn't open, they felt glued shut, so he didn't really bother to try to open them.

Seiki rested, how long he did not know, and how he was alive was also under that category. Wasn't he supposed to be dead somewhere in the woods? Concerned, panicked, Seiki Heitai fought to open his eyes, moving his arms and legs as if some unseen, unfelt force held him down.

Immediately, strong hands held him down, he struggled harder, throwing a hand off, but collapsed afterward, to tired to do anything more. The hands left and the blanket he hadn't noticed before returned, warming his chilled body.

Finally, after hours of trying, his eyes opened and he was greeted with a pitch-black room. With a groan he shifted, making several monitors protest their monotonous routines. At the sound of loud, beeping monitors, the door opened, forcing Seiki to shield his eyes with his arm. It was a feeble attempt because the lights flickered on, causing him to move his other arm to shield his poor, abused eyes.

Voices surrounded the teen, forcing his arms down. His eyes closed as he struggled against the hands. "Stop!" he cried out. He felt smothered; he couldn't breathe! Suddenly the smothered feeling left and he realized that something had covered his face. He opened his eyes and his unfocused gaze settled on a big, muscular man standing over him.

As his gaze focused, he realized that the man wasn't so big, just all muscle. With a groan, he managed to lever himself up on his arms. "Damn, that kids' got guts, and on a couple of busted up arms too!" someone murmured.

"Get those two and throw them in the ocean, let um swim home," the muscle man ordered.

"No! What's going on?" he demanded, his voice raspy. He must have screamed pretty loudly, by the really didn't remember it. Levering some weight off his arm, he peered around the room. His eyes still squinted in the light.

"Yes, and you'll be told after we land, we're just reaching Scotland.." Seiki didn't hear what was being said because someone had shoved a cup of water in his face. Eagerly he downed the whole cup in four gulps, holding the cup with his injured arm.

"I'm surprised he can still use his arm at all," A voice whispered, but somehow he heard it.

"'Just proves that he's one of us now; we all know the young heal faster than the old," another whispered as he lowered the cup to his lap. Already a fine sheen of sweat had collected on his brow. 'Drugs' his muddled mind thought briefly before the cup was removed from his hand and the arm that propped him up suddenly went lax as he was gently lowered back onto the bed.

"Drugs!" he cursed/mumbled the word, eyes straining to stay open.

"For your own good kid, if you panic, at least it'll be on dry land," someone said next to his ear. Suddenly he heard soft singing in his other ear, along with the sound of shuffling feet. With the soothing voice with words he couldn't understand, he was slowly lulled to sleep…

Nightmares greeted him as soon as his eyes closed. On and on they ran, with him fighting something, something he couldn't describe. Seiki vaguely remembered waking up when he was being moved. Blank rooms and white walls was all he remembered before more nightmares plagued him. Finally he fell into a dreamless sleep where nothing could reach him.

A day later he woke to a warm, soft bed, the smell of paint, and breakfast in bed. This was certainly a change from his normal standards. Well, at least he thought it was breakfast.

As he opened his eyes, he noticed the blue walls, and the soft bed. The blanket was the softest cotton and he loved it immediately. The smell of breakfast made his mouth water as he slowly sat up. As the blanket fell away, he noticed that his chest and left arm were covered in bandages.

Strangely enough, he couldn't feel an ounce of pain. Still, cautious, he moved slowly and pulled the blanket back off his feet. He was glad that he wore a pair of loose sweats. Managing to get to his feet and move towards the closet door. It happened to be the opposite direction of where he wanted to go, but at least he could find a shirt to cover up the soon to be scars.

Sighing Seiki shied away from those thoughts as he leaned against the wall. Slowly he opened the door and was amazed at the choice of shirts he had. Taking the one, blue, ratty shirt that he'd worn the night he'd been attacked and slipped it on; at least It was clean. Gathering his remaining strength, he lurched towards the door, only to fall short and land on his knees.

Suddenly, his ribs screamed in pain and he gasped, clutching them with both arms. Then the door opened. There was a curse as strong arms enclosed around Seiki's shoulders and dragged him to his feet. Immediately oxygen came easier into his lungs, but then the pain intensified. Before he knew it, he lowered onto the bed where he winced.

"No permanent damage that I can see. Move his arms..." reluctantly, Seiki allowed his arms to be set at his sides while an Old Lady removed his shirt, poking and prodding. "Every one OUT!" the old woman demanded, cutting away at the bandages.

Seiki stared in amazement as everyone in the room left. He stared at the lady, watching as she redressed his bandages, spreading a soothing salve over stitched wounds. "Who are you?" He finally asked.

"I am the elder healer of the pack, Aki," the elderly woman said, helping him to sit up in bed so that she could wrap bandages around his chest.

"The pack? Is that some kind of gang?" Seiki asked

"I don't understand your words," the last answered. "It would be best if you spoke with pack leader. He will understand your words," Aki stood, placing a tray full of food on his lap. Slowly the lady gathered her things and left bidding him farewell. The meal on his lap disappeared a lot quicker than it took to fix him up. By the time the door opened again, the tray was empty, set on the table next to his bed, neat and in order, as if it'd never been used before. Seiki was also half asleep as the leader of the "pack" entered the room.

"Kid, wake up!" the man ordered softly, sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Hmm?" Seiki opened his gray eyes, burgundy hair falling into said eyes as he turned to face the man. "Who are you?" he asked softly.

"I'm the pack leader, you've met my mother Aki, she tired to explain what you asked her, but she doesn't know a lot of Japanese. No, the pack is not a gang... The pack is simply the pack. We are werewolves, and a stray attacked you. Fortunately, it was killed and you survived, but you were injured greatly. The point is, you are one of us now," The man that had no name as if yet explained. He removed the tray from the table and called downstairs in a strange language. A child ran, took the tray, and left.

"You have been unconscious for the better part of a week. You need to stay in bed and allow your wounds to fully heal. Currently we are somewhere in Scotland. I need to know your name, age, and what grade level you were in before we left Kyoto, Japan..."

" SCOTLAND!?!" Seiki sat bold upright, ignoring the pain in his chest. "Why? How?"

"Calm down kid, we have to move so that suspicions don't turn towards the super natural, also known as us!" The man said calmly, stressing his 'us'. "My name is Cale, take a while to think everything over, at least lay back down and rest..." Seiki immediately fell back onto his pillow.

"But what about mom? And dad?" Seiki looked around the room and closed his eyes, throwing his good arm over them. "I'll think on it," he finally murmured.

"Alright then, have a nice rest," Seiki heard the door open and close, and knew that he was finally alone. Against better judgment he flipped over onto his stomach aggravating just about every wound on his body and buried his head in the soft pillow...


"Hey, is he still sleeping?" a voice whispered. Seiki stirred, the Japanese sparking his interest.

"Yah, but he supposed to be taking a nap. He got injured," the childish voice stressed the injured bit.

"If we wake him up, we'll get in trouble," Again came the childish voice.

"To late, both of you, out now with an extra hour of reading, both of you are going to be on opposite sides of the house..." Cale trailed off as the children groaned and left. However, he himself didn't leave.

"Kid, Time for some lunch..." Cale rolled him over, but Seiki didn't stir again. Cale noticed the dark, wet stain on the light blue pillow. Setting the lunch tray on the table, he pulled the blanket up against he boy, so he wouldn't catch a fever with the chilled air. As Cale studied the face of the kid, he noticed red rimmed eyes and pale cheeks. It was obvious the kid had been crying.

"Come on kid, time for something to eat," Cale tried again. Lightly tapping his face, Cale smiled warmly. "Alls not lost, eat something, then I'll help you use the bathroom. If you're up to it, I'll let you go downstairs..."

"Sure..." Seiki mumbled, finally waking up, pulling the tray of food closer to him. Slowly he ate; not ask much as Cale would have liked, but then again after eating Aki's cooking who wouldn't have an upset stomach? When he finished, he got to his feet and, using the wall, was shown to the bathroom. It took nearly half an hour, but he managed to use the toilet and get a sponge bath. When he was finished, he rested a moment before he braved the stairs.

Slowly, one by one, he made it down safely, only to face the wrath of Aki, "Bed rest and good food, not walking around!" The woman yelled the last sentence, instantly clearing the room of people.

"Air and sunlight can do wonders too," Cale said, resting a hand between Seiki's shoulder blades and propelled forward towards the door. Once outside, Seiki's head cleared a bit and he moved towards the porch swing and sat down. Cale sat down next to him, spreading a blanket over his lap. Seiki curled his legs under him and stared forward as Cale gently pushed the swing with his legs.

"So, have you thought about it?" The elder man asked.

"Yes," Seiki murmured, "I'd like to go back home..."

"You know that's not possible..." Cale started, "You know nothing of what you are, the laws that now apply to you. Besides, we don't have the funds to send you halfway across the world..."

"Then I'll walk!" Seiki growled, standing up slowly and moved towards the stairs.

"How far do you think you'll get before you collapse?"

"I don't care," Seiki commented, looking down the main steps he had to brave in order to reach the surrounding woods.

"You should, you wouldn't get half way to the wood before you fell," Cale growled, standing also.

"At least I'd get to the bottom faster," Seiki said, quickly taking the first two steps down.

"If you leave, by law, I'd have to kill you..." Seiki froze at the words, "I think you are you are under the age of 21, and by your scent, you haven't seen more than 192 moons, that's about 16 years old. By standards in Japan, you would have just been in the middle of high school...all I need now is your name..."

'I'm no good to my family dead…' Seiki thought, 'He's off on my grade level, and I'm almost seventeen, how'd he know that?"

"Alright young man, I've permitted you to go outside and get a breathe of air, but I insist that you go back upstairs and rest!" Aki said, coming outside, grabbing his arm and dragging him upstairs, inside, and up the stairs there. Then Cale was driven off and he was locked in his room. Furious, he could do nothing more than to sit on the bed, fuming.

He glared around the room, finding nothing to throw around but his pillow, which didn't make much of a notice as it hit the wall, and eventually the floor. He realized how tired he was and then noticed that he threw his only pillow. He groaned as he stood, his knees nearly buckling under his weight. With pure nerve did he drag himself to his pillow, drag himself back, and then collapse onto the bed...

Seiki stirred, something wasn't right, something was wrong. He smelled smoke, and behind his eyes he saw fire, Everywhere, he couldn't see anything. His skin burned, his hair singed, and he couldn't get enough oxygen to his lungs. Coughing and sputtering he tried to move, to scream for help, but all that came out were choking coughs...

Seiki inhaled deeply as he sat up in bed, rolling to the floor, looking for fire. Finding none, he attempted to crawl back into bed, only to find he didn't have the strength. So, cursing weakly, he managed to grab his pillow and part of the blanket and dragged it to the floor with him. He managed to get part of the pillow under his head and then dragged the blanket over his chest, but he didn't have the strength to arrange it so it covered his lower half. Instead, he simply went back to sleep.

Seiki awoke back in his bed to the old lady, as he fondly called Aki in his mind, removing several of his bandages. "All that's left to heal is a few broken bones; shouldn't take more than a day to finish that now that all the flesh wounds are all but healed. Now, you are officially restricted to bed rest, nothing else!" At that Aki left, carrying her things with her. With a sigh, Seiki leaned back on his pillow, which was propped against the headboard. He looked over his arms and upper chest. Not even a scar remained in some places.

'How did I heal so fast?' he thought weakly, surprise evident on his face. 'And my arm doesn't feel so bad now, more like a bad sprain…what's going on?' his thoughts ran wild as he scanned his body. 'Surly this is all one big nightmare!' He thought, noticing the food on the nightstand. With another sigh, Seiki pulled the tray into his lap and began to eat slowly, not too interested in what he was eating. He finished off the orange juice, wondering what in the seven hells was he gonna do now?

Something outside the window caught his attention. He didn't have long to contemplate what caught his attention for the simple face of the arm holding the glass went limp, causing said class to fall. More than a little surprised at his body's reaction than the broken cup, he quickly tried to discern what was wrong with his arm. Sitting up, he shoved the tray aside and then inspected his arm. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks.

Obviously they were going to extreme's keeping him here. Drugs; the worst thing they could do to him! He laid back, calming his furious breatheing. Maybe if he concentrated on slowing his heart rate, the drugs would take longer to work.

Sure enough, not five minutes later the door opened and in walked two men carrying a change of clothing. They looked surprised to see him awake, but shrugged it off as soon as they saw the shattered glass.

"Got some nerve," one guy with shaggy blonde hair spoke.

"Shouda seen him on the plane. Some vamp tried ta kill him," The short cropped, black haired man said. They continued speaking as they changed his clothing, underwear and all. A pair of blue jeans, a gray t-shirt, and a black sweat shirt later, they were sticking socks and shoes on him. No longer could he do anything more than blink, grunt, and growl.

Once he was dressed for the weather, they tossed his limp form over the blonde's shoulder. He growled darkly, causing the man to chuckle. Going down the stairs caused his arms and legs to dangle. His head was buried in the guy's stomach and he could tell the man needed a bath; he probably needed one more.

The man headed out the door. He was set down in a car where he managed to get a good glare at Cale. Cale simply walked forward and set a portable C.D player in his lap. He put the earphones on his head and then turned the music on just loud enough to drown out the voices around him.

He growled and glared darkly at Cale when the popular Japanese music came on. With a smile, Cale buckled him in and then got the others to get into the van. Seiki then realized it wasn't a sleeping drug, but a paralyzing one!

"Rest, you should be healed once we get where we're going, then we'll talk about all of this," Cale said, removing the headphones briefly, and then replacing them. Seiki simply glowered.

Once the car was in motion, however, he was a goner. Gentle care motions always put him to sleep faster than any drug they could give him. With a wary sigh, he closed his eyes and once again fell asleep, promising that it would be his last in many days...

Seiki opened his eyes slowly. It was dark inside the van, but everything was black and white. The van was at a standstill and his door was open. However, the chain around his neck spoke volumes.

He had changed into something, and then he remembered what Cale had said, 'Your one of us now.' And they were werewolves. Immediately he was out of the van and looking to see where the chain ended. It connected with Cale. Before he could even begin to protest what was going on, Cale was off, dragging a startled Seiki with him.

And as we all know Seiki, he fought back, struggling against the chain, however, being in an open plain didn't help matters any. With a resigned sigh, Seiki allowed himself the freedom of running, keeping a stumbling pace with the pack leader, falling only once or twice. The pack ran behind them, playfully nipping at laggers and just plain having fun.

After a few more minutes of running, Cale stopped, giving the pack a moment to catch their breath. The leader walked around, nudging some, mingling the burgundy haired teen with brown and black haired pelts. It really made him stick out. A few females sniffed at him and the young ones pounced on him all at once, dragging him to the ground. Immediate play ensued, having all pups tugging, licking, playfully biting or in all other words, "attacking" their new play friend. Cale discreetly slipped the chain off from around his neck and then off Seiki's. For the rest of the night they romped around.

Discreetly, two black eyes glittered dangerously, practically lighting up at the sight of the burgundy haired werewolf. Said wolf was currently rolling around with the children of the pack, eventually pulling the elder teenagers into the play. Pearly white teeth flashed and two, long fangs grew from seemingly nowhere.

"So, young highness, that is the one you seek? The one I tried to kill on the plane?" A voice whispered softly in the young highness's ear.

"Yes, Reikai, he is the one I want. Strike when they fall for the night. Scatter, but don't kill them, especially the children. Allow their escape. Make sure the burgundy haired one get separated from his pack; I mean it!" the female stated, grinning evilly...

Seiki grinned a wolfish grin, all of his teeth showing. He followed the pack, collapsing onto the ground, his body pleasantly sore from the exertion of play. The pup that road on his back rolled and landed near his side. The older teenagers herded the young towards him and they curled up together. The teenagers, also tired from the fun of play, curled up around the pups and himself. That prevented the still hyper pups from running off and playing some more. Seiki simply curled up, quickly allowing his thoughts to wander. He was almost asleep when a howl woke him up. Immediately he was alert and up. He saw the attackers a split second before they attacked.

No matter how much Seiki tried to stick with the group, the black blurs drove him away. Soon he reached the nearby woods. On the edge of the forest, he attempted to attack what was now recognized as a vampire. Cale even attempted to get to him as several vamps headed towards him.

Still, even as they swarmed towards him, he still fought back. Right after one finally sliced his pelt with claws did he turn tale and run; the vamps gave chase, at least he was getting them away from the others... By the time he was out of breathe and falling over the smallest stone, he realized that he was no longer being chased. Seiki peered at the sky, an hour or more till dawn.

His sharp hearing picked up the sound of water and he moved towards it. When he found the lake with a little waterfall, he dove in and started gulping the fresh water. When he had his fill, he moved behind the waterfall where he collapsed onto the floor. However, he couldn't sleep. Just before dawn, his eyes closed and he was instantly out cold...

Kirika released the werewolf's mind, watching as the over exhausted form instantly fall asleep. Quicker than the blur she'd been the night before, she was through the waterfall and tending to the wound on Seiki's back. When the wolf like form began to shift and change, Kirika placed a blanket over the nude form that emerged.

When the wound was taken care of, no longer slowed by his changing blood it was almost healed, she picked him up. After securing the blanket around him, she took off into the sunlight with him in her arms...

Seiki shifted slightly, his muscles screaming at him to rest more, but he knew he couldn't. Agony flashed through his mind as he opened his eyes to a dark room and sat up.

"I wouldn't do that, you might hurt yourself even more," a voice whispered in his ear. "Lay back down and rest some more..." Kirika whispered softly.

"Who are you?" Seiki whispered back, however he did lower himself back down to the hard wood floor.

"Don't worry about that, just rest," she ordered.

"You're a vampire!" He hissed, looking around. Now that his eyes were used to the dark, he could see that he was in a very small cage like room. He could barely sit up. When he did, there was barely an inch of space left.

"Yes, I am," the vice said gently, before he was pulled backward into Kirika's arms. "Now rest, before I decide I'm hungry!" With that, Kirika left, pulling a curtain aside and crawling though what looked like a dog door.

Seiki felt along the walls, finding metal bars and wood. There was a black curtain covering the door where more bars awaited him. It was a perfect fit. His back thumped the bottom of the room. 'Wait, it's not even a room!' he thought with a snarl, 'It's not even a cage!' he fumed silently. 'It's a friggin doghouse!' he slammed his fist into the wall, not even denting the metal.

He felt around the bottom of the doghouse, finding a blanket, and two bowls. With another growl, he tuned over onto his stomach and promptly fell asleep. Seiki didn't realize that the next few months would be his own personal hell....

Four moons later...

"...Are you really willing to start a war over a boy?!" Cale demanded. They had been trying the diplomatic way to get Seiki back for a good month or two, but the vampires were not relenting.

"ENOUGH!" Kirika yelled, "Get the puppy ready. Leave, he will be retuned tonight!" Kirika said, just before a stake impaled her through her heart.

"Crush the evil thing!" The female behind her said. "Tonight, werewolves," the black haired female said. Seiki peered through his chains. Was he really going home? He hung his head, pretending to be asleep when the door opened.

"Seiki?" a voice whispered.

"Ki?" Seiki whispered back.

"Your going home, and I'm coming with you, my sister just staked the bitch that did this to you, we're all looking for the key's to your chains. But we can't exactly touch silver..." Ki shrugged.

"So that's why they're taking so long...and you can touch it, but you only get burned," Seiki whispered. The door opened again and in walked Ki's older sister.

"Ki, go and find the kid some clothes, at least he'll be dressed..." Ki hurriedly did as she was told, but she was back seconds later.

"Sis, how are we gonna get it through the silver bars?" Ki asked.

"You can at least fit the boxers and undershirt through the small spaces...just stick part of it through, he can pull the rest..." and so that's what they did. Seiki, with some shuffling, managed to get the boxers on, but the collar around his neck got caught on the shirt, so he was shirtless.

"Well, you want something Seiki, something to drink at least? From your last struggle, she said you couldn't have water for three days, its only day two..."

"I'm tired," was all Seiki responded with. After a few moments the two left the teenager alone to contemplate his thoughts.

'They won't find the damn key, I know it,' he thought with a snarl, 'she swallowed it every night and changed the locks everyday, but she didn't do it today. This sucks!' Seiki curled up under his blanket and glared at the walls of his doghouse, yes his doghouse! That damned woman had been, according to her taunts, been watching him ever sense he'd been living in Japan, and sent the werewolf after him. Then she went into the long explanation of how werewolf blood must change human blood, which is why he'd felt like the others had been constantly drugging him. With a sigh, Seiki closed his eyes, trying not to think of all the horrors he'd been through and firmly decided that Pink was not his favorite color...

'Voices, why were they always so loud?' Ki thought as she looked in on Seiki, who'd slept the day and half the night away. She managed to get some water in his little bowl, but that was all she could do because of all the silver. When she had checked on him every now and then, the water had been gone. So she continued to refill it every half hour or so, and she managed to get him some real food too. Still, it started to really worry her when he continued to do nothing but sleep all day.

Kirika hadn't been that horrible to him had she? True the two were close friends now, but how could she wake him when he looked so peaceful? With a sigh she looked to the people assembled in the hall below. They were deciding on who would carry the cage and who would spot them. With a frown, she went to join them below...

Cale watched as the vampires landed, carrying a large, almost rectangular box with them. It was covered in silver, and he could tell why they were holding it at arms length as they gently set it down. Scrambling inside told the elder pack leader that the ride had not been a comfortable one.

"What's in the box?" Cale asked, looking to the new leader of this region of vampires.

"Seiki, as my little sister calls him, the child you so adamantly wanted back. We cannot break the bonds due to the silver. We cannot get him out. We could not find the key to everything, and as you can tell, there are bars inside the cage..." The Vamp leader, Fuyu, was abruptly cut off.

"That's not a cage, that's an enforced Doghouse!" Ki shouted, outrage written clearly on her face. "If you don't get him out of there now, I'll rip your heads off myself!!!" she added for effect, stomping her foot and crossing her arms over her chest, glaring.

"Well, we'll see what we can do…" Cale said softly, looking at the cage. There was a thump and the vampire that had yelled out, ran towards the door and started whispering frantically…

Seiki groaned as his doggy house was dropped onto the ground with a thud, which was caused by his body abruptly coming in contact with the bottom of the wood floor, after he untangled his chains.

"Seiki, are you alright?" Ki whispered, looking inside at the tangled mass.

"Ow," Seiki mumbled, That was five seconds before Cale walked over and politely asked that Ki move aside so that they could do something about the silver clad being in the doggy house.

Cale inspected the cage head to toe before he asked two other werewolves to come over and to help him rip the door off by a serious of ropes and pulleys. The back of the cage, which was rigged with ropes, was tied to a tree, and the door of the cage, which was tied with more ropes than Seiki had seen in his life, was tied to a truck, which was put in drive the moment they were ready. The door went flying off to the say the least.

Seiki winced at the loud noises. True he was normally calm around such things, but when it involved him flying through the air due to his chains being attached to the door that just went flying off with the truck in full drive ahead he had a problem all right. Seiki went flying through the air, but not a word escaped his lips as he crashed into several trees, vampires, Ki, Cale, and the reader gets the idea.

Long after the truck had stopped moving, Seiki was still flying through the air due to the fact that the door had snapped off the ropes and he landed in a tree somewhere a few yards away from everyone. So the boxer clad teen hung there a few moments before the chains themselves, as cheep as they were, snapped and freed himself. With a thump he hit the ground, with Ki at his side immediately.

"Just what in the seven hells do you think your doing?" she sighed, "Werewolves AREN'T supposed to fly through the air at a hundred miles and hour!" she scolded the vampire, a young 'teen', whacking him upside his head