Chronicles of a Unicorn Keeper

Prologue: The First encounter The girl was just about to slip out the back door to avoid chores and school work when she noticed the fog rolling. That was fine with her, as it would help hide her retreating form into the brush. Besides, she never got lost, even in strange places.

Becky was only eleven years old and had been through a lot in life already. She had a rebellious streak in her that often got her into trouble, but she didn't let it stop her from speaking her thoughts. The girl was also very caring and protective of what she loved

One of those things she loved was the desert where she lived. The house was at the base of a canyon that led up to the mountains a couple of miles away from her house. The dry creek that had originally formed the ravine was only a few yards away from the building and it made a good path. It was littered with old rusty cans and car parts which her mother was always afraid that Becky would cut her feet on and get tetanus or something.

It was along this path that the girl now wandered, the mists swirling around the larger boulders and garbage. Becky deftly avoided the metal and the thorns that were scattered here and there, occasionally making a game of jumping from the rocks without touching the ground. The girl really didn't have anything to do and she really didn't want to go home just yet.

She stopped her game for the time, grabbing a long thorn from a nearby bush to use as a needle to pick out a sharp seed out of her calloused foot. The child quickly finished her self-appointed task and put her foot out to admire her handiwork. She froze when she heard a snort from a large animal off to her side.

Becky looked up slowly, not really afraid, but still a little wary. Her eyes widened as she locked them with the creature in front of her. The head was almost like a horse's, but it was slimmer and it had a silver horn! It had a dark blue coat with a silver mane and tail; its body lithe and sleek like a deer's.

Her breath froze in her lungs as the creature stepped closer to her. He nickered softly, nodding to her foot where a drop of blood had formed where the seed had been.

"Ah… I'm not sure what you want-" She stopped as the stallion lowered his horn and touched the small wound. "-to do. Wow."

The wound was healed completely. There wasn't even a scar or anything to mar the bottom of her foot to show that there had been a hole in it a few minutes ago. The girl examined her foot, twisting it so she could get a better look at it.

"You healed it! Thank you!" Becky exclaimed, looking up to see that the unicorn had left. "Wow. That was weird…"

The girl would have thought it was just a dream, except that when she went to stand, there, on the ground where the stallion had stood, was a large, cloven hoof print. It was too big to be a deer's and the girl stared at it before realizing that the mists were clearing and that she should head home.

When she got home, her mother made her do her work for the day, but she didn't mind. Becky had seen a unicorn, a creature of myth and for her, hope. She would search for it until she found it again, if only to thank it for coming when it did.