How do we know?

How do we know,

That God's truly there?




The unseen playgoer,

Coming to see the play of our lives.

How do we know that he's really taking care of us?

How can we tell?

Will we get a sign?

A note?

A flash of lighting in a distant thunderstom?


That isn't how you tell.

You can tell God is there when you look up at the sky,

And see the clouds looking down on you,

Carefree and laughing.

You can tell when you see the raindrops glistening,

On a rose in your backyard,

Or when you spot a robin,

On your porch,

And beckon it with a tune.

When it comes.

You can tell He is there when you see a friend smile,

When a loved one is left to rest in peace.

What would happen without God?

Would we still be here?

On this earth,

In this universe,

In our living,

Breathing bodies?

Would we still exist?

Or would we be gone?

I don't think I'll ever know,

Nor anyone else in the world.

But there's one thing I do know,

One thing's for sure.

I'll always believe he's watching.


A piece which shows part of my Jewish-ness.