I've know you

And you've known me

For almost an eternity

Growing up, we fought a lot

And we still do to this day

Many would have given up

And went their seperate ways

But we fight and we make up

We share the rights and wrongs

We work and we play

Even through the hateful things we say

Without you, I'd be lost

Somewhere with some darkened thoughts

Without you, I'd be somewhere out there now

No place to go, no home to call my own

There's so much, to this story that we share

That I get hurt at every fighting word we share

We fight and we make up

But we share the rights and wrongs

We laugh and we enjoy

Even through those things we say

Without you, Iwouldn't have a hope

Of surviving on my own

Without you, I'd probably have given up long ago

And it hurts the way we fight

It's slowly killing me inside

And I pray we'll make it through

Like we did in our younger days

And though we fight, we make up

Though the cycle continues on

We laugh and we play

We enjoy the good times when we can

We love and we hate

But we've stuck together through it all...

And I just want to let you know

That I still love you

Thanks for always being there, Sis