A fight inside still holds me tight
It keeps me in my place
All I want is just some peace
Just a little space
I'm trying lord
I'm trying to find my place in this world
I was once a wild stallion
And true to my nature I was running lose a free
Now my heart has weighed me down
Like an untamed stallion caged
I want to get away
I want to roam the land
I want to run away to the deepest darkest hands
of Africa

Seek adventure
Seek poverty not fame
Seek a life to be proud of and not one of shame
Seek danger and quite possibly pain
Stand in a field and work in the rain
Storm the world and be called insane

Work makes me sick,
Wait no, I'm wrong
It's the money that I'm choking on
I love to work and I love to sweat
I'm not sick of manual labor yet
And I probably never will be

What makes me sick and screws up my mind
Is the money that everyone keeps telling me to find
They say it will take me places I've never been
They say it will make me happy
I told them marijuana does the same thing but its illegal
I think money should be illegal

I'll work for food, Ill work for shelter
But money I don't every want to hold again

I don't want to grow up and follow the 'American Dream'
Get a steady job
Save money
Get a wife that calls me a slob
Go to work come home and sleep
Wake up and go to work
Have a child or two
Raise them up in the churc
Tell them to get a jo
So they can save some money
And find a girl to call them a slob
So we can all continue to live in the 5 percent of the world's population that uses 60 percent of the world's natural resources

A redundant life I refuse to live
I wont stay still I wont settle down
I might die trying, but I will…
Storm the castle
Capture the flag
Make the perfect film or at least a good one
Take pictures
Work for the poor
Feed the hungry
I will sit and have a conversation with a shop owner named smiley
I will walk 100,000 miles
I will not fall into a rut

And if anyone cares to join me…
Please come along.

All this has been written while sitting in a coffee shop for the past hour

The ironic part of it all is that during the last 20 minutes, a father has been sitting next to me with his daughter. He has been explaining to her the importance of having a job so she can make money and grow up and support herself and someday save enough money to have a nice house and a nice family. It's a very fortunate country we live in, but what we do in this very fortunate country is very unfortunate.