the lying was simple at first:

"I'm going over girl name's house

and we'll paint eachothers toenails

and sip grape juice in pink plastic cups".

and when the cellphone rang, and

she whispered hush to the boy next to her it


"I'm in the movies seeing PG-13

so I'll call you when it's over".

sometimes it was harder to explain

when the tags started disappearing from the clothes,

"brand name was having a huge

sale and I just couldn't resist and I know

I haven't worked in a while but it's alright,

I'm not spending too much money".

but it crashed when his smoked-up voice

came over the receiver

"Don't stop now, baby. Get off the

fing phone now".

your mother heard the intensity and

put it all together even when you tried to explain,

"sport has been wicked hard and I

fell in practice yesterday and that's why I

have bruises on my neck, don't worry".

and you promised yourself only one more

guilty little pleasure and said contritely,

"I'll never do it again. I swear."