She never could understand

Why everyone always stared

And made comments about her eyes

"You have beautiful eyes" or

"Your eyes are so pretty" and

Other flattering things like that

Those eyes, always changing color

Grey, green, and blue, it didn't matter

They were always hypnotizing

So entrancing, they all agreed

The eyes of a girl under the spell

Of another person, with nice eyes

Brown eyes, this pair was

An enchanting shade of brown

Hidden beneath shaggy auburn hair

Set in a face she had memorized

Every feature of the boy

She knew by heart, his stalker

Yes, they all made comments

About her eyes, but she ignored them

Her mind was always too preoccupied

With the image of another

Engraved within her mind

From hours of watching

She played it off as a joke

The constant watching, knowing everything

She pretended it was a game

Like it didn't mean anything to her

But if you watched closely, you could see

That it meant the world to her

He meant the world to her