This is a piece that I wrote because I was really bored. It is a combination of two major points in my life, where I woke up to thunder and lightning. I took the part where I was scared from my childhood, and made it seem as if it were yesterday. Last night, there was an AMAZING lightning storm, from 3:00 to 4:00. It inspired this story. I'm also trying a new style of writing, so if you don't like it, say so please.

Happy fourth of july! (if you live in America)


The light flashes again. I hide under my covers once more, clutching my childhood "pink hearts blankie" to my chest. It helps. A little.

What is it? The transformer? But the last time that happened it glowed blue.

Fear grips me like a spider grips its prey. I shrink into myself.

A crash, a boom. What is that noise? I smile sheepishly, fear draining out of me like water. It is just thunder.

But if there is thunder, then there must be lightning. A flash lights up the pre-dawn sky. I look at my clock. It is 3:00 in the morning.

I get up. Lightning is beautiful. I go to the garage and grab my dog, taking her quietly through the house. She will protect me if anything does go wrong. I am afraid of the dark by myself.

I sit on the deck swing, trying not to make a sound, camera in my hand. Will I be able to capture the lightning? Will I get a wonderful picture?

Light spiders its way across the horizon. I stare in fascination as the light winks out but my eyes show where it moved in slow motion. My camera clicks too late.

Thunder crashes overhead. It is loud. It sounds like a band composed of bass drums.

Ten minutes later lightning flares again, closer this time. It looks like a crackly web of light. It is there for only a split second. Again, my camera clicks too late. I give up.

I sit and watch nature's beauty for an hour. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. It is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Then the rain starts. My dog wants to go in. She is afraid of water.

I wait for a little longer, but it seems as if the lightning has stopped. I go inside, a sense of wonder and excitement filling me. I feel like I can't go to sleep.

But the moment I lie down, I am filled with dreams of lightning and rain. I smile in my sleep.