Guardian Angel

To see the stars in your eyes

To glimpse the pain in your heart

To watch the struggle you go through

From the end to the start

To feel the tear in your soul

To taste the tears behind your eyes

To sense your fear deep, deep down

Underneath your disguise

To see your steel determination

To see you straighten up tall

To see you hurting and broken

To hear you scream as you fall

To see the blisters on your feet

To see your frayed and fractured wings

To see the madness in your spirit

As, heartbroken, you start to sing

To brighten the stars in your eyes

To soothe the anguish in your heart

To show you light in the darkness

To repair what's torn apart

To listen to your distress and fears

And wait patiently as you scream

To help scale that tallest mountain

To help you realise your true dream

To be the shoulder you cry upon

To help you live and not hide

To help carry your burdens

Help paint the rainbow inside

To heal your swollen, blistered feet

To mend your tattered but beautiful wings

To complete that untameable spirit

As I join your side and sing